4 Ways To Increase Meeting Attendance

4 Ways To Increase Meeting Attendance

4 Ways To Increase Meeting Attendance

A solid program is the essential starting point. Adding activities that will increase the value of your event will insure growth in attendance, and excitement for future events. These four easy to use tips will increase attendance at your events and meetings.

Ask attendees for program and activity feedback.
When planning an event, ask your attendees what they want to learn and experience. A survey conducted right after an event may provide you with valuable data, it is however completed by attendees in the euphoria of the event resulting in perhaps skewed favorable results. Asking your prospect attendees at the start of the planning process will provide you with more honest feedback.

Involving your prospect attendees in the creation of the program also produces a sense of ownership, which leads to increased participation. 

Engage before, during and after the event.
Planning events is an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. Technology such as Eventinterface now makes it easier than ever to extend the lifecycle of your events by engaging attendees pre-, during and post-event.

Make your attendees part of a community, brand or experience by amping up the engagement process. Engaging attendees post event, and opening up the online community to individuals who could not make your event, increases the likelihood of converting non-attendees to attendees for the following event. 

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Provide ample and solid networking opportunities.
People attend events to learn, buy, sell and network. Allowing for ample and well-crafted networking opportunities increases the probability of boosted attendance. Rather than hosting a massive networking reception, try more intimate gatherings with attendees interested around a topic or product. Try to connect exhibitors with buyers of their product. Make the networking opportunities uber valuable and part of the program, rather than a break during which networking occurs. Ask your attendees during the registration process who they want to network with, what they want to sell or buy, and connect these people at your event.

Engage your attendees’ passions.
Learn what your attendees like to do in their free time and offer engaging and unique opportunities during your event. One of our clients has a large group of health conscious attendees who enjoy outdoor activities. The conference now features a 5K run that attracts hundreds. Perhaps you can offer a cooking class at the venue, a networking opportunity around a specific topic, a volunteer opportunity. Provide truly local, once in a lifetime, experiences unique to the destination.

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