Event Technology Companies Join Forces to Empower Events

Event Technology Companies Join Forces to Empower Events

Event Technology Companies Join Forces to Empower Events

EventTechHub Empower Your Events

Finding vendors for events and meetings is challenging. Meeting and event planners have countless options at their fingertips. There are numerous technology vendors, each providing a segment of the services needed, few working together. To address this problem, EventTechHub (EventTechHub.com) brings together Eventinterface, an event management platform; Piitcher, a platform connecting speakers with planners; Tap To Speak, a web-based tool connecting attendees with speakers; and Zenus, a face recognition solution. EventTechHub offers planners a fully integrated solution to plan more efficiently, increase attendee engagement and offer opportunities to increase event revenue and return on event investment, in an easy and cost-effective manner.

“Event and meeting planners constantly point out to us how hard it is to find vendors. Even after they have selected the ones they like, it is hard to manage them. They need multiple accounts, export and import files, pay them separately, and hope they are compatible with each other. EventTechHub addresses this need and allows event planners to source and manage vendors easily. This makes things easy for everyone involved in the process,” said Panos Moutafis, President, Zenus and Founding Partner of EventTechHub.

EventTechHub is a collaborative initiative that assists planners with the full lifecycle of their meetings and events:

  • Before the event
    Resources to assist planners with speaker selection, and technology tools to manage event marketing, logistics, attendees, exhibitors and sponsors
  • During the event
    Tools to manage event check-in using facial recognition, manage attendees, speakers and sponsors, onsite communications, content and program distribution, lead generation, and engagement in sessions with speakers, polls and surveys
  • After the event
    Opportunities to build post-conference communities to expand reach, and increase overall engagement and long-term revenue of your conferences. Evaluate data and understand your event return on investment

“We want to make the process as easy as possible for planners and attendees,” said Al Wynant, Eventinterface CEO and Founding Partner of EventTechHub. “There is an overabundance of apps on the market, each with a distinct functionality. The need to implement multiple apps can become cumbersome, confusing and cost-prohibitive for most planners. Bringing together this set of stellar solutions, offers a fully integrated platform to planners like no other, from finding speakers, streamlining attendee management and engagement, to secure and lightning speed event check in, more easily and cost-effectively.”

Combined, the EventTechHub founding companies have served more than 1,500 events in 40 countries, with 25 to more than 30,000 participants. Companies such as Google, Applebee’s, Johns Hopkins University have worked with one or multiple EventTechHub solutions.

“We care about event planners. That is the reason why we partnered with EventTechHub,” shared Marek Wawrzyniak, CEO and Co-founder of Tap To Speak and Founding Partner of EventTechHub. “Our innovative technology not only has the “cool factor” of turning smartphones into microphones but the event planners who used Tap To Speak report a 400% boost in audience engagement during their live events. We seamlessly integrate into the Eventinterface event program and itinerary feature - turning the audience mobile devices into feedback machines. This way, Eventinterface and Tap To Speak provide real-time audio and text communication, polls and surveys to the planners, speakers and attendees of the conference or event. The combination of our respective areas of expertise in combination with modern event technology gives even more power to event planners to make their events even better.” Marek Wawrzyniak, CEO and Co-founder of Tap To Speak.

“The Piitchr team is proud to be part of the amazing collaboration that is EventTechHub!  Combining the expertise of four event-industry leaders is a truly exciting prospect.  We’re ready to play our role in ensuring ETH is invaluable for anyone in the event and meeting planning industry,” shared Steve Arzoni, Founding Partner or Piitchr and EventTechHub.

About EventTechHub
EventTechHub is a resource for fully integrated event technologies that play well together to make event and meeting planning more efficient, grow attendee engagement and increase event revenue.

The EventTechHub Founding Partners

About Eventinterface
Eventinterface is a platform that help meeting planners promote and plan conferences better, build new revenue streams and create powerful communities before, during and after events.

About Piitchr
Piitchr is a next generation, free-to-use platform directly connecting leading speakers, professional coaches, and consultants with event professionals and organizations on a global level.

About Tap to Speak
Tap To Speak is a web-based tool through which the live audience can communicate with event leader in real time. Turns smartphones in the room into a microphone, enabling audio communication, text comments and carry out surveys, polls, or respond to quizzes.

About Zenus
Zenus is a leading provider of face recognition software. Our goal is to eradicate tickets and make waiting in line a distant memory. At the same time, we demonstrate that convenience and security do not have to compromise privacy.