Turning passive attendees into active participants

Turning passive attendees into active participants

Turning passive attendees into active participants

Nearly every conference attendee carries around a mobile device. Meeting planners face the challenge of disconnecting attendees from their devices and engaging them fully into the conference experience. However, rather than fighting this, why not use this to your benefit? Why not turn the distraction into an opportunity to engage? Why not transform an attendee into an engaged participant?

Second screen is the use of a smart device, usually a smartphone or tablet to provide attendees an enhanced engagement experience alongside a live session. It means giving attendees access to additional content, the possibility to engage with the speaker and have online or social conversations around the topic being presented. This is accomplished by the implementation of apps and meeting management platforms such as Eventinterface.

Planners collect an immense amount of content from conference speakers, including PowerPoint presentations, handouts and worksheets.  Traditionally these have been shared with attendees on disc or USB storage device for later viewing. Now, with platforms such as Eventinterface, meeting planners can create a detailed conference program; include session details, speaker bios and all session content. Attendees can create their itinerary and once in the session view all content alongside the presentation. Attendees can take meeting notes, interact with other attendees in the session and even engage in real-time with the speaker by asking questions, or participate in polls and surveys via their mobile device.  Attendees become active participants.

Another benefit for planners and marketers is the ability to view detailed engagement metrics. You will be able to see how attendees interact with content. Which subjects and speakers have higher engagement? You will be able to analyze this data and have a much better understanding of the success of your conference.

There are many apps and platforms available to engage attendees and manage your conferences and events. Will you use one solution to manage registration? Another app to distribute content and engage attendees? Multiple tools and apps to reach your event goal, or will you use one comprehensive platform that can meet all your planning and engagement needs from one dashboard?

It is key to understand your audience and the devices they use. Do the tools require an app download, or are they accessible via a responsive website? Keep in mind that not all attendees may be able to download an app on their mobile device based on company policy, therefore a web-based responsive solution may be more suitable.

1. Second screen technology transforms attendees into engaged participants.
2. Review engagement data to get a better understanding of your attendees’ behaviors, likes and dislikes. Use this data to improve the overall conference experience.
3. Understand the mobile solutions your attendees use and the limitations of these devices. Then implement a solution that works well for all attendees, i.e. app based vs. a responsive web-based solution.