Eventinterface has many options to engage your attendees and manage your events more easily, even generate more revenue. This post highlights two more ways to use Eventinterface in ways you may have never thought of.

Tip 1: Raise more by recognizing sponsors on event tickets and confirmations.

Eventinterface invites planners to upload ads to be included with event confirmations and tickets. This is a great tool to recognize sponsors, share coupons and advertise future events. You can sell this space to sponsors and generate additional event revenue. Look for the “Upload Ticket Ad” icon on your event’s management page. You can have one ad, or multiple ads that rotate. 

Tip 2: Host a photo contest

Start a picture competition by inviting attendees to upload pictures to their event account. This is a fun concept for social events and a great tool for planners to generate excitement for the event.  Photos are shared with fellow registered attendees online and via the iPhone App.    

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