Eventinterface https://eventinterface.com/blog en-US Wed, 28 Jan 2015 22:12:08 +0000 Wed, 28 Jan 2015 12:00:00 +0000 http://www.creativecommons.org/licenses/by/1.0 FeedWriter Snow, Hurricanes And Haboobs. Planning For Weather At Your Events. http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/Snow-Hurricanes-And-Haboobs-Planning-For-Weather-At-Your-Events As professional event and meeting planners, we try to be in full control of our event to insure flawless execution, happy clients and delighted attendees. One thing we can’t control however, no matter how well we plan, is the weather. 

Inclement weather can cause havoc at events. The less predictable and severe weather patterns of the past few years can prove disastrous, even deadly. Event and meeting planners can no longer afford to not have a contingency plan in place to deal with weather as part of an overall emergency strategy of the planning process.


Eventinterface is located in Scottsdale, AZ. We are blessed with incredible winter weather. Temperatures rarely go below 50F or over 75F during the winter months. It’s the ideal weather for outdoor events, sporting events and festivals as this week attests with the Phoenix Open, Super Bowl and countless related parties and festivals. When the rest of the country is freezing or snowed under, we are enjoying the outdoors. In the summer we hide indoors as the temperatures soar above 110F. Naturally, all of our outdoors events are hosted from late fall to early spring, the opposite from most of the country. This “ideal” weather does not mean we don’t have to consider rain, thunderstorms, flash floods and the occasional dust storm.

As you plan events, attendee safety must be a priority. Here are our tips to insure you have a solid plan in place.

1. Mentally walk through your event with the planning team and vendors, and envision everything that could go wrong. For example: Will the dust in the dirt parking area cause visibility or breathing issues? Should there be a thunderstorm; are there areas for attendees to find safe shelter? If you have staging, will the structure be able to withstand high winds? If it rains, can we have the event?

2. In cooperation with the venue, first responders and event leadership develop an emergency action plan based on the issues you have discovered. Insure that all staff and event volunteers are trained on the procedures and know what to do. This will also help with event set-up, securing evacuation routes and overall event safety for your attendees.

3. Monitor the weather continuously in the weeks leading up to the event, and closely right before and during the event. For outdoor events we monitor National Weather Service broadcasts for up-to-date information allowing for immediate action and evacuation in the event of an oncoming storm, monsoon or sand storm. Also know your audience. If your event is hosted in an environment that tends to be rainy, attendees may be less inclined to panic when it rains, and the event may go on as planned. In our area, people are not used to drive in rain and outdoor facilities are not equipped to manage rain well, so the response will be different.  

4. Define clear roles on the event management team. What is the chain of command? Who makes the call when emergency procedures need to be implemented? Under what circumstances can the chain of command be bypassed to make a call on the spot? Work closely with the venue and first responders on establishing a chain of command and insure that all event staff and volunteers are trained to understand its workings.

5. Have in place the tools to communicate quickly with event attendees in the event of an emergency. Event software such as Eventinterface allows planners to text registered attendees with updates, emergency information and other pertinent event information. 


Al Wynant, CEO Eventinterface - Planning For Weather At Your Events

Al Wynant has 25 years of international event management experience. He has managed events from 50 to 125,000 attendees in seven countries. He intimately understands the many aspects of event and meeting management, and how technology can make the complicated process of planning and managing events, and engaging attendees easier, helpful in his role as CEO at Eventinterface.

Al studied in Europe and traveled with the international educational program Up with People. He has worked as a Marketing and Public Relations Representative working concert tours in the United States, Switzerland, Belgium and the United Kingdom. He ran event management firm A6 where he was responsible for the management of a large variety of conferences and events in the Southwest and in Atlanta, High Point and New York City.

Leadin photograph: Spring sandstorm or Haboob rolling into Scottsdale 2014. Photo by Al Wynant.

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The Secret To Unforgettable Events http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/The-Secret-To-Unforgettable-Events Phoenix-based event planner Daniel Duran, the Events Coordinator with the Arizona Charter Schools Association and owner of Duran Events joins Event TALK again to talk about the secret weapon of event and meeting planners “Hospitality” and how to use it to create stellar experiences for your guests.

Listen to host Eric Dye and Daniel Duran discuss the following:

  • Define “hospitality” as it relates to events and meeting?
  • Why is “hospitality” such an important part of events and meetings?
  • How do you incorporate the principal of hospitality in the planning process?
  • Can you share a few examples of how you implement hospitality at your events?
  • What are your top three tips to insure that planners get hospitality right at their events?


About our guest:
Daniel Duran, Events Coordinator for the Arizona Charter Schools Association and owner of Duran Events has been in the event planning field for a decade. He has worked on events of all sizes for numerous nonprofits. He has worked in catering and conference services in the hotel industry, and owns an event planning company focused on weddings and social events. Daniel’s heart lies in serving people and working in the nonprofit sector, which has led him to the Arizona Charter Schools Association, a nonprofit based in Phoenix, Arizona, supporting, advocating and leading the way on the mission of student equity in Arizona.
each Daniel at: Daniel.Duran@azcharters.org

About Event TALK

Eventinterface Event TALK podcast show with Daniel Duran
Event TALK is a podcast show by Eventinterface for event and meeting planners. We bring you interviews with experienced professionals who share top tips and advice.



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2015 Top Dining Trends Announced By Benchmark Hospitality International http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/2015-Top-Dining-Trends-Announced-By-Benchmark-Hospitality-International Benchmark Hospitality International executive chefs and culinary experts at the company’s 40 luxury hotels, resorts and restaurants share trends in dining.

Dining Trend #1: Small Plates-Any Time!   
Expo-style cooking, including show kitchens, action stations, EVO grilling and mobile kitchens.  What’s hot?  Slow cooked brisket, braised pork shoulder and ceviche-style seafood.  Small plates, served any hour of the day or night, are satisfying demanding palates and may help save waistlines.

Dining Trend #2: Roll & Go
Bun-less creations that are rolled instead of presented as traditional sandwiches. Take a Reuben, Club, Monti Cristo and even the traditional hamburger filling and roll this in flour tortillas or those flavored with chili, spinach or blue corn. Roll and go …

Dining Trend #3: Lose the Fat-Infuse
Increased awareness over the past years of the downside of fat, as well as the emphasis on gluten free and vegan foods, has forever altered cooking styles.  Instead of fat, chefs are changing to beer braising, cider poaching and quick pickling. The idea is to infuse flavor while never exposing food to fat!

Dining Trend #4: Back To The Future
A questionable economy and world strife are causing customers to crave the comfort foods of their past.  Come-back items on the menu today include family favorites like meatloaf, liver & onions, shepherd’s pie and pan-fried chicken. These dishes are popping up in whiskey bars and upscale craft beerhouses. Classics like Shrimp Louie and Oysters Rockefellers are shoving Chicken Caesar and Spinach Dip off the menu.

Dining Trend #5: Grab-n-Go
Time is money and today it’s all about “now”.  Grab and go dining is increasingly  popular and spans from fresh exotic fruits to house-roasted Himalayan salted pumpkin seeds. Travelers are looking for healthy and convenient ways to satisfy their need to recharge, and stay on track.  Grab and go favorites include wilted spinach, maple seared salmon brioche and golden jewel grained edamame guacamole.

Dining Trend #6: Curacao Cocktails  
As travel and exploring the world becomes second nature to nearly everyone, when back home, travelers want to relive their experiences while away. What better way than with flights of miniature “foo foo drinks”, Irish Whiskey blends or infused martinis. A foo foo flight could include a Mai Tai, Strawberry Daiquiri and Pina Colada to bring the islands of Hawaii and the Caribbean closer to home.  Entertaining guests with an Irish Whiskey Sampler brings Dublin home, while Ghirardelli chocolate martini brings San Francisco Bay to the back yard or terrace.

Dining Trend #7: Raging Ramen  
Ramen is storming the world right now.  Once thought to be a food for cash-starved college students, ramen is now breaking into a “low end = high end” street food scenario. Applications include stir fried sriracha chili chicken, Shanghai peanut salad or spicy deep fried.

Dining Trend #8: Tea Mixology
This is the creation of tantalizing flavors for simple teas by choosing from a variety of herbs and spices and then infusing. The use of rose hips, lavender and basil not only create an aromatic scent but also provide a soothing, calming beverage any time or day or night.   

Dining Trend #9: Slow Ride, Cook It Easy  
Many customers are now on the slow food band wagon at home. This has dramatically increased public interest in restaurants that practice slow food cooking methods. Consumers who appreciate and are willing to pay for slow foods are equally interested in the process used to create them. Many restaurants are showcasing these by putting the process right in the dining room, i.e. charcuterie drying, cheese caves, vinegar barrels, etc.       

Dining Trend #10: Branding The Chef  
Guests today want to take home a little more from their favorite eatery besides a full stomach (or … a satisfied palate).  Talented chefs are creating their own signature products that they bottle and package for home use.  Bottling items, like a signature Lemon curd ale BBQ or chipotle bourbon sauces straight off the chef’s house menu, are replacing traditional store-bought items in customers’ pantries.  Adding distinct flavors to home favorites bring out the “wow” factor when entertaining family and friends.

Benchmark Hospitality International.
Photograph courtesy of Benchmark Hospitality International.

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Visit Phoenix Boosts Efforts With Recent Promotions http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/Visit-Phoenix-Boosts-Efforts-With-Recent-Promotions The Greater Phoenix Convention and Visitors Bureau promoting staff from within.

Mr. Chris Robertson is now the Business Development Manager, Citywide Sales.  Chris joined Visit Phoenix almost two years ago and produced almost 112,000 room nights eclipsing previous production statistics from this market. When Chris is not connecting with meeting planners or hoteliers he can usually be found out on the greens swinging for that hole-in-one.

Ryan Pivonka Visit Phoenix at Eventinterface Mr. Ryan Pivonka is now a National Sales Manager.  Pivonka will handle the small meetings market; 10-125 rooms nationwide plus Amateur Sports groups. Hailing from Colorado, Pivonka began his career in hospitality with stints in Chicago working for Hilton before landing a sales position with Visit Phoenix. Sunshine and year round golf beckoned him to the desert.

Ms. Polly Phelan is now the Director of Member Relations and previously was the VP of Business Development for Visit Spokane. Phelan began her career in sales for Dale Carnegie Training. Her love for the outdoors brought her to Phoenix.

Visit Phoenix

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10 Life Hacks For Meeting Planners http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/10-Life-Hacks-For-Meeting-Planners Follow these life hacks to make your event day go smoothly.

1. Pack an extra battery and charger for your mobile phone.
A protein bar and a bottle of water will keep you energized and hydrated.
Bring your well-stocked event kit.
Wear comfortable shoes. Avoid new shoes at all cost!
Bring your tablet and charger.
Apply for TSA Pre to insure quick passage through security.
If walking a lot, consider taking two 200mg ibuprofen every 4 hours to prevent foot pain.
No desire to iron? Steam your clothes in your hotel bathroom by turning the shower to steaming hot water. 
Roll your clothes vs. fold them when packing your suitcase to prevent wrinkling.
Have handy Shout Wipes or like product to wipe away small.


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Hotel Cotton House Barcelona Joins Marriott International Autograph Collection http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/Hotel-Cotton-House-Barcelona-Joins-Marriott-International-Autograph-Collection Autograph Collection - Marriott International’s exclusive portfolio of hotels recognized for celebrating individuality - is set to welcome a new historical, boutique property to its Collection. Hotel Cotton House Barcelona, located in a prime position on Barcelona's Gran Vía, is housed in an iconic 19th century building - formerly the headquarters of the Association of Cotton Manufacturers.

Since its construction in the late 1800s, the 'House of Cotton' has been a significant Barcelona landmark; after an extensive restoration and refurbishment, the building has become a sophisticated hotel embodying the essence of this historic building. Guests will love the experience of staying in an authentic residence in the heart of the Ensanche district, an icon of 19th-century Catalan bourgeoisie and the perfect starting point for exploring the fascinating city of Barcelona. 

Hotel Cotton House Barcelona at Eventinterface

Staying true to the hotel’s historical essence, world-renowned designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán was commissioned to design the hotel in a contemporary and sophisticated manner. With 83 luxurious bedrooms including seven spacious suites, the boutique hotel welcomes guests through a beautiful covered hall of mirrors, leading them into the magnificent octagonal hall with two sweeping staircases. The former public areas of the building, open to all guests, now house an elegant library, a restaurant and cocktail bar, a light-filled conservatory and a 3250 square feet terrace with lush vegetation. A striking rooftop pool occupies the sixth floor.

Guests to Hotel Cotton House Barcelona will benefit from an experienced concierge team who will offer the most exquisite service in the city, combining the personal touch and authenticity of an independent hotel with the confidence of an Autograph Collection experience. The concierge will be based in one of the hotel’s many unique areas, the Gossypium (‘cotton’ in Latin).

Hotel Cotton House Barcelona at Eventinterface

John Licence, brand leader for Autograph Collection in Europe, commented: “Barcelona is a hugely popular destination for both leisure and business travellers, and we are really excited to debut such a unique hotel in the heart of Catalonia. The rich heritage of the building is complemented by the exquisite new design, and we have no doubt that travellers will have an incredible experience that Autograph Collection has become known for delivering.”

The vision behind the Autograph Collection is to offer an evolving group of passionately independent hotel experiences ranging from a 15-room boutique hunting lodge in the mountains of Colorado to a 19th century neoclassical palace in the majestic city of Prague.  Exactly like nothing else, each hotel is thoughtfully chosen for its quality, originality, bold character and capacity to offer today’s modern traveler a range of unique experiences suited to their individual sense of style and adventure. While still relatively new, the distinct portfolio has proven to be a highly successful venture due to its discerning selection process and unique ability to create memories through enriching travel experiences.

Room rates start from €200 per night. Information and reservations here.

Photographs courtesy of Marriott International. 

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Eventinterface Selected To Participate In 2nd Annual Venture Madness Competition http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/Eventinterface-Selected-To-Participate-In-2nd-Annual-Venture-Madness-Competition Eventinterface joins 63 startups representing 23 industries from Arizona, Colorado and Texas in the head-to-head annual bracket-style competition Venture Madness presented by Invest Southwest and Arizona Commerce Authority. 

One Venture Madness winner will take home the top $30,000 prize. First runner-up winner will receive $10,000 and two second-place runners-up will each get $5,000.

Venture Madness 2015 Al Wynant Eventinterface CEO“We are thrilled to have been selected by the competition and are honored to be in the company of great businesses and entrepreneurs,” said Al Wynant, Eventinterface CEO. “The competition provides a fantastic opportunity to share our story and software with a larger audience in the Southwest and beyond.”

The first of two online elimination rounds is now underway at VentureMadness.com. The 32 companies who make it through will be announced on January 23, with the 16 invited to pitch announced on February 4. The top 16 companies will pitch live at the Venture Madness Event, March 4-6 at Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale, AZ.

The public can get in on the competition also by filling out their own bracket, predicting the winner at VentureMadness.com. The first-place winner in the bracketology challenge will win a 13-inch MacBook Air, and the runner-up will win an iPad Air 2.

See the 64 companies.
Article by Hayley Ringle of Phoenix Business Journal.

Lead in photo courtesy of VentureMadness.

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Boston Breaking Records http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/Boston-Breaking-Records The Massachusetts Convention Center Authority (MCCA) is celebrating another successful year and rolling into 2015 with a full slate of major meetings and conventions booked for Boston.

James E. Rooney, executive director of the MCCA at Eventinterface

2015’s meetings and conventions are projected to bring more than 900,000 attendees to Boston who will generate 615,000 hotel room nights and $610 million in economic impact. This will be the MCCA’s third best year for room nights overall, but the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center (BCEC) is expected to break a 2010 record of 403,000 hotel room nights by generating more than 431,000 in 2015.

“The BCEC and Hynes continue to produce incredible results for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts,” said James E. Rooney, executive director of the MCCA. “In 2015 we will welcome some of the world’s most important events to Boston – many of them repeat customers. Their desire to come to our convention centers and our city is a testament to our world class facilities, our top notch sales and customer service teams, and Boston’s standing as a premier convention destination.”

Events generating the largest hotel room nights next year include:

  • 49,115 American Diabetes Association (June, BCEC)
  • 29,900 Experimental Biology (March, BCEC)
  • 26,520 Heart Rhythm Society (May, BCEC)
  • 27,960 Leading Age (November, BCEC)
  • 25,080 National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (April, BCEC)
  • 25,050 American Chemical Society (August, BCEC)
  • 23,265 NAFSA Association of Internal Educators (May, BCEC)
  • 19,280 Allied Social Science (January, Hynes)
  • 19,235 American College of Physicians Internal Medicine (April, BCEC)

The MCCA will kick off 2015 with Allied Social Science Association’s Annual Meeting at the Hynes, expected to attract 12,000 attendees over four days in January, followed by the “Let’s Be Great” Inaugural Celebration for Massachusetts Governor-elect Charlie Baker at the BCEC on January 8. 

The MCCA will also welcome back a number of successful annual events in 2015 including BCEC events Yankee Dental Congress with 26,700 attendees (January 29-31) and New England Grows with 16,000 attendees (February 4-6). 2015 will mark the 40th anniversary of Yankee Dental Congress, and the 30th anniversary that the event has been held at an MCCA facility. They first held the event at the Hynes in 1985 and moved to the BCEC in 2008. New England Grows has been an MCCA customer since 1993 and moved from the Hynes to the BCEC in 2005.

And in early 2015, BCEC will again host popular public events including the New England International Auto Show (January 15-19), the Boston RV & Camping Expo (January 17-19), and the New England Boat Show (February 14-22).

In 2015, the MCCA will host nine events with more than 25 percent international attendance including the Heart Rhythm Society with 15,000 attendees, the Seafood Expo North America with 18,000 attendees, NAFSA: Association of International Educators Annual Conference & International Education Expo with 7,000 attendees and the American Diabetes Association Annual Meeting with nearly 15,000 attendees. This will be the first BCEC meeting for the American Diabetes Association – they last held their meeting at the Hynes in 1995. The ADA Annual Meeting is a five-day, science-heavy conference that brings participants from more than 124 countries together to discuss the most timely and significant advances in basic science and the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diabetes.

Other events of note in 2015 include the New England Region Volleyball Association’s Pre-Qualifier at the February event, which will transform the BCEC’s exhibit halls into nearly 20 regulation-sized volleyball courts, the return of PAX Expo East in March, the largest video gaming conference in New England, and the International Association of Convention Centre’s (AIPC) Annual Conference and General Assembly at the Hynes over the Fourth of July holiday. AIPC is the industry association for professional convention and exhibition center managers worldwide.

2014 was a fantastic year for the MCCA, with 241 events held at the BCEC and Hynes bringing 845,000 attendees to Boston, and generating an estimated 630,000 hotel room nights and $590 million in economic impact. In June 2014, the MCCA’s sales team had its best contract signing month in history, booking 38 future events for the City of Boston. These events are expected to generate 472,787 future hotel room nights in Boston. And in August, the MCCA debuted its new experimental outdoor space at the BCEC, the Lawn on D to great review. The Lawn on D was used by several Boston events, including HubSpot’s INBOUND 2014, which utilized the innovative outdoor space for morning workouts, lunchtime food trucks and an evening reception for 10,000 attendees.

Also in 2014, the MCCA received legislative authorization for a 1.3 million square foot expansion of the BCEC, including substantial additions to the exhibit and meeting space, and a second, larger ballroom. The expansion, expected to be complete in 2019, will allow the MCCA to host more and larger events. In addition to the BCEC expansion, in 2015 the MCCA, in partnership with Massport, will select a developer for a 1,200-room headquarters hotel across from the BCEC on Summer Street.

“We have a busy year with much hard work ahead of us,” said Rooney. “In 2015, we will be focused on executing exceptional events for our customers, and working simultaneously on our expansion and hotel development efforts in the South Boston Waterfront. It’s an exciting time for the MCCA, and we look forward to sharing more successes throughout the next year and for many years to come.”

More info at Massachusetts Convention Center Authority.
Photographs courtesy of Massachusetts Convention Center Authority.

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Starwood Hotels Finishes 2014 With A Bang http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/Starwood-Hotels-Finishes-2014-With-A-Bang Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. (NYSE:HOT) announced this week it has opened 74 new hotels in 2014, representing approximately 15,000 rooms in 26 countries. The company also signed 175 new hotel management and franchise agreements in 2014, a 15% increase over the prior year, marking the fifth consecutive year of increased signings and the most new deals in one year since 2007. Starwood anticipates another year of solid growth in both mature and emerging markets in 2015, fueled by hotel openings and high-quality deal signings.

Frits van Paasschen, President and CEO of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. at Eventinterface“With more than 1,200 hotels in 100 countries, we’re on the frontlines of global change and continue to see increasing demand for innovative, design-led brands, playing to Starwood’s strength,” said Frits van Paasschen, President and CEO of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. “Our nine lifestyle brands continue to attract owners as does our loyalty program, Starwood Preferred Guest®, which brings high-value guests to our hotels from around the world, driving more than half of our occupancy on any given night.”


Building on its strong signing year, Starwood continues to grow in all corners of the world across all of the segments where it operates with plans to reach the following milestones in 2015:

  • 300th hotel in Asia Pacific and China
  • 150th hotel in China (with all nine brands represented)
  • 90th hotel in Africa and the Middle East
  • 175th Luxury hotel
  • 750th Upper Upscale hotel
  • 300th Mid-Market hotel

Simon Turner, President of Global Development for Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. at Eventinterface“Our balanced growth approach continued in 2014 with consistent, organic signings across all nine of our brands,” said Simon Turner, President of Global Development for Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. “Looking ahead, emerging markets remain a focus for us, but recovering economic conditions and increased availability of financing have also led to strong growth in North America and Europe.”

Turner continued: “North America accounted for more than one third of our signings last year, and the availability of new construction lending resulted in a more than 50% increase in new-build hotel signings over the previous year. Globally, we renewed or extended 76 of our existing agreements with owners in 2014, underscoring the strength of our brands, loyalty program, operating teams, and systems. We remain focused on working with the right partners, on the right properties, in the right places, and our agile development approach allows us to adapt our growth strategies based on specific geographies and brand needs for both new development and conversion projects either managed or franchised.”


With one of the fastest growing luxury portfolios under its St. Regis, The Luxury Collection and W brands, Starwood is lengthening its lead in luxury hospitality. Building on its base of more than 170 of the world’s most beautiful and iconic hotel experiences, Starwood expects to open more than 25 luxury hotels over the next two years adding to the 12 new luxury hotels which debuted last year. This pace continues to accelerate to meet increasing demand for luxury in all corners of the world.

In 2014, W Bogota marked the brand’s entry into Colombia, while The Luxury Collection brand added seven new hotels to its portfolio including La Posada de Santa Fe in New Mexico, Excelsior Hotel Gallia in Milan and The Castle Hotel in Dalian, China. In 2015, Starwood is on track to add more than 10 luxury hotels to its portfolio, including St. Regis hotels in Istanbul, Macao, Dubai and Mumbai, The Luxury Collection properties in Nanjing, China; San Antonio, Texas; and Broumana, Lebanon, and W openings in Amsterdam, Netherlands and Goa, India.


Starwood opened 27 hotels across its Sheraton, Le Méridien and Westin brands last year, with over 150 under active development. The iconic Sheraton brand, on track to open its 500th hotel in 2016, continues to serve as a growth leader for Starwood and pave the way for the further development of all of Starwood’s brands in fast growing markets. This year, the brand will debut in Samoa and Romania and re-enter Iraq, following last year’s launch in Tajikistan. Sheraton accounts for nearly 40% of all Starwood hotels in Asia Pacific and is leading Starwood’s growth in Africa, where the brand will open six more hotels by 2018.

Le Méridien opened flagship hotels in Chicago – Oakbrook, Bahrain, and Bangkok in 2014, and signed 18 new deals, a meaningful increase over the previous year. Building on this momentum, in 2015, the brand will open more new hotels than in any other year since Starwood acquired Le Méridien in 2005. The brand continues to expand in established markets primarily through conversions, while also extending its reach in emerging markets, with openings planned for India, Bangladesh and Bhutan this year.

Westin opened its 200th hotel worldwide in 2014 and demand continues to rise driven in part by the phenomenal success of its distinctive wellness positioning. In 2015, Westin will open its 125th hotel in North America and its 50th hotel in Asia. The brand will also debut in Qatar with the opening of The Westin Doha Hotel & Spa – the brand’s fourth hotel in the Middle East.


Starwood’s mid-market segment continues to gain considerable momentum, with 35 openings and 100 new deals signed in 2014 across the Four Points by Sheraton, Aloft and Element brands. The segment accounts for approximately 40% of Starwood’s global growth pipeline and will comprise nearly half of the company’s new hotel openings in 2015, amid rising demand for strong global brands at an affordable price point in both major metro and secondary markets around the world.

Four Points by Sheraton signed 50 new hotel deals in 2014, the most in company history, and will surpass 200 hotels in 2015, with more than 25 planned hotel openings this year. The ‘best for business’ Four Points brand boasts Starwood’s second largest and fastest growing development pipeline, fueled by its widespread, global appeal to guests and flexible development options.

Aloft Hotels signed 31 new deals in 2014, the most signings in one year since 2008. Designed for the next generation of travelers, Aloft will cross the 100th hotel milestone in 2015 and expand its portfolio in Greater China to ten hotels by year end. Aloft will also enter numerous new markets this year, including both Munich and Stuttgart, Germany.

Starwood’s eco brand, Element Hotels, signed 19 deals in 2014 and is on track to triple its portfolio by 2017. On the heels of opening its first hotel outside of North America in Frankfurt, Germany, Element will open its first hotel in China in 2015 followed by new hotels in London, Amsterdam, Boston and Philadelphia, signifying the global appeal of this brand.

For more information, please visit www.starwoodhotels.com.

Photographs courtesy of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.
Lead in photograph Le Méridien Bangkok.

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Atlanta Ranked No. 1 Among Top 25 U.S. Markets http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/Atlanta-Ranked-No-1-Among-Top-25-US-Markets Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau (ACVB) closed out a banner year in 2014 with a record number of major citywide conventions and events and milestone levels for hotel occupancy. 

Atlanta hosted 21 major citywide events in 2014, generating more than $750 million in direct economic impact, and drawing nearly a million convention and event attendees. By year-end, occupancy levels for City of Atlanta neared 70 percent, a high not seen in the city in more than a decade.

As of November 2014, Atlanta ranked No. 1 for the highest growth rate in occupancy among the top 25 U.S. markets according to Smith Travel Research (STR). Atlanta’s convention hotels also experienced 11 percent occupancy growth from group meetings in 2014, significantly outpacing the top 25 U.S. metros, which averaged four percent growth.

William Pate, president and CEO of ACVB at Eventinterface“These positive lodging numbers serve as evidence of Atlanta’s momentum in attracting new and return business,” said William Pate, president and CEO of ACVB. “Atlanta’s unparalleled accessibility and $1.5 billion in new development make the city a convenient and exciting destination for planners.” 

Strong convention attendance also contributed to Atlanta’s success in 2014. At the close of the year, 21 of the 23 largest conventions that met in Atlanta in 2014 met or exceeded their attendance goals. American Coatings biennial Show met in Atlanta for the first time and experienced a 16 percent increase in attendance and 20 percent increase in exhibit space over their 2012 show, which was held in Indianapolis. 

Return clients also experienced growth. International Woodworking Fair (IWF), which meets biennially, attracted more than 23,450 attendees. In addition, biennial supply chain and manufacturing giant MODEX welcomed a record 23,000 attendees in 2014.

Atlanta will kick off 2015 with a strong January. This month, conventions will draw approximately 200,000 attendees and garner an estimated $200 million in economic impact. Major shows that will jumpstart Atlanta’s business for the year include AmericasMart International Gift and Home Furnishings Market, one of the largest markets of the year, and the annual International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE).

More information at Atlanta.net.

Lead in photograph courtesy of ACVB.

Wed, 07 Jan 2015 06:00:00 +0000 info@eventinterface.com (Al Wynant) http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/Atlanta-Ranked-No-1-Among-Top-25-US-Markets
2015 Meeting And Event Planning Trends http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/2015-Meeting-And-Event-Planning-Trends Al Wynant, CEO of EventInterface.com joins Event TALK to share his take on 2015 trends in the meeting and event planning industry.  Al has 25 years of international meeting and event management experience. He has managed events from 50 to 125,000 on two continents. He intimately understands the many aspects of planning well, and how technology can make the complicated process of planning, managing and engaging easier, a definite plus in his position at Eventinterface.

Listen to host Eric Dye and Al Wynant discuss the following:

  • Each year experts make predictions as to what the hottest trends will be. What were some of the hits and missed of 2014 in the event and meeting planning world.
  • As far as actual planning is concerned, what are the trends you see developing in 2015?
  • Technology seems to be playing a bigger role each year. What are some of the trend you see for 2015?
  • Are there any specific tools that will stand out in 2015?
  • What are your top 3 predictions for 2015 related to events and meetings?


About our guest:

Al Wynant, CEO of Eventinterface has 25 years of international meeting and event management experience. He has managed events from 50 to 125,000 on two continents. He intimately understands the many aspects of planning well, and how technology can make the complicated process of planning, managing and engaging easier, a definite plus in his position at Eventinterface.

Al studied in Europe and traveled with the international educational program Up with People. He has worked as a Marketing and Public Relations Representative working concert tours in the United States, Switzerland, Belgium and the United Kingdom. He ran event management firm A6 where he was responsible for the management of a large variety of conferences and events in the Southwest and in Atlanta, High Point and New York City.

Reach Al here.

Event TALK by Eventinterface with guest Al WynantAbout Event TALK

Event TALK is a podcast show by Eventinterface for event and meeting planners. We bring you interviews with experienced professionals who share top tips and advice.  

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Save 30% With Early Registration http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/Save-30-With-Early-Registration Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to never struggle with your events and meetings again? If so, join us for a one-day interactive event and meeting planning conference on January 15 in Tempe, AZ. The event offers an in-depth and interactive look at all aspects of the planning process, sponsorships and marketing of events. If you plan events and meetings, you can't miss this all day interactive educational conference. Your 2015 events and beyond will never be a struggle again.

Register before Friday, January 9 to receive your discounted early registration of $75. That’s a 30% savings over the normal $105 fee. 

Save 30% with early registration before Jan. 9

- Have you been asked to plan an event or meeting for your company, organization or school and don’t know where to start?
- Are you responsible for developing a sponsorship program for your event or meeting and need help?
- Do you need to market your event, draw an audience and don’t know exactly how?
Then this one-day workshop is for you!

Many people are asked to plan events or meetings without having the full knowledge or toolset to do it correctly. There is a huge risk associated by having a person plan an event without the right tools or knowledge. There is risk related to budget, brand, donor relations, program, product, safety and so much more. Many of these risks can be prevented by having the basic knowledge, and access to the tools and processes to plan it right from the beginning.

This one-day conference addresses all of these event and meeting planning aspects, and you will walk away with the knowledge to successfully produce, market and manage an event or meeting for your company, organization or school. You will know how to develop sponsorships, build long-lasting relationships and attract attendees.

The workshop is presented by planners with more than 30 years of international meeting and event planning experience, and you are encouraged to bring the projects you are working on to discuss during the workshop.

- Goal setting;
- Budget Development;
- Sponsorship how to, trends, development and agreements;
- Negotiation techniques;
- Site visits and negotiations with vendors;
- Understanding venue and vendor contracts;
- Planning and logistics timeline development;
- Risk prevention;
- Event marketing and public relations, integrating social media;
- Onsite management, the attendee experience and relationship building;
- No cost tools and resources available to planners;
- Event evaluation;

7:30 a.m. Conference check-in
8:00 a.m. Opening remarks and Session 1
9:45 a.m. Break
10:00 a.m. Session 2
11:45 a.m. Networking Lunch
1:00 p.m. Session 3
2:30 p.m. Break
2:45 p.m. Session 4
4:15 p.m. Closing remarks

Early Registration (before January 9, 2015): $75 per attendee
Late Registration: $105 per attendee
Registration fee includes light breakfast, snacks, lunch and workshop working materials.


Save 30% with early registration before Jan. 9

Eventinterface Meeting Planning Workshop - Online Registration

Conscious Capitalism Arizona - Eventinterface Meeting Planning Workshop Sponsor

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Happy New Year http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/Happy-New-Year Team Eventinterface wishes you a New Year filled with peace, happiness and success. We look forward to a wonderful 2015 together.

Enjoy the celebration!

Wed, 31 Dec 2014 06:00:00 +0000 info@eventinterface.com (Al Wynant) http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/Happy-New-Year
2015 Meetings Outlook http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/2015-Meetings-Outlook Everything is looking up for the meetings industry in 2015, which is a mixed blessing for planners: Group demand is up, but so too are room rates and travel costs. That reliable old supply and demand thing.

“The meeting industry overall appears to be very much ‘back in business,’ ” said Issa Jouaneh, vice president and general manager, American Express Meetings & Events in the 2015 Global Meetings Forecast, which predicted that group hotel prices would rise by 4.6 percent, thanks in part to increasing group demand. A recently released PwC lodging forecast projects a 2015 U.S. occupancy of 64.9 percent, the highest since 1984. “Group demand improved significantly in the third quarter, leading to stronger-than-expected occupancy levels,” according to Scott Berman, PwC principal and U.S. hospitality and leisure practice leader. “Despite an evolving supply pipeline, industry demand trends are expected to remain robust, giving confidence to the operating community to drive room rates higher in 2015.”

Add to this rising airfares (5 percent), F&B catering costs (4 percent), audio-visual (3.1 percent) and meeting rooms (2.5 percent), as reported in MPI’s fall Meetings Outlook, which also noted, not surprisingly, that planners are challenged with shorter lead times.

Michael Massari, Vice President at Caesars Entertainment 2015 Meetings Outlook at Eventinterface

To keep the meetings momentum going in the face of rising costs, American Express predicts an uptick in meeting budgets made possible by a more disciplined approach, with increased scrutiny, transparency and attention to compliance and strategic objectives. In addition, the Forecast noted “a continued push to stay close to home and host meetings where the largest number of attendees live.”

Read the full article filled with expert advice from Karen Kotowski, CAE, CMP, CEO of the Convention Industry Council; Michael Massari, Vice President at Caesars Entertainment (pictured); Anne Hamilton, Vice President of Resort Sales & Services at Disney Destinations and many more at themeetingmagazines.com.

Lead in artwork courtesy of Corporate & Incentive Travel.

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Eventinterface Goes Mobile For Planners http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/Eventinterface-Goes-Mobile-For-Planners Phoenix Business Journal’s Hayley Ringle features Eventinterface mobile app for planners in paper.

Phoenix Business Journal Eventinterface App Launch Hayley Ringle

Mon, 29 Dec 2014 06:00:00 +0000 info@eventinterface.com (Al Wynant) http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/Eventinterface-Goes-Mobile-For-Planners
Happy Holidays And Best Wishes For The New Year http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/Happy-Holidays-And-Best-Wishes-For-The-New-Year Team Eventinterface wishes you a joyous holiday season and a New Year filled with peace, happiness and success. The past year has been an adventurous ride, and we are grateful for everyone who has joined us on this fantastic voyage.

Thank you.

Wed, 24 Dec 2014 06:00:00 +0000 info@eventinterface.com (Al Wynant) http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/Happy-Holidays-And-Best-Wishes-For-The-New-Year
First Annual North American Meetings Industry Day Set For April 2015 http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/First-Annual-North-American-Meetings-Industry-Day-Set-For-April-2015 The greater meetings and events industry across the United States, Canada and Mexico will join together to host the North American Meetings Industry Day (NAMID). The first-ever event planned for Thursday, April 16, 2015 will bring together industry professionals and showcase the substantial value of meetings, conferences, conventions, incentive travel, trade shows and exhibitions.

Meetings industry organizations and chapters from the U.S., Canada and Mexico will hold events to recognize and celebrate the day, making a powerful statement on value and strength of the global meetings industry. NAMID is inspired by the very successful and 20-year strong Canadian National Meetings Industry Day created by the Canadian Chapters of Meeting Professionals International (MPI). It is a testament to the strength of the industry that the event has grown to be continent-wide.

Meetings Mean Business (MMB), the industry-wide communications and advocacy campaign, will spearhead activities taking place in the U.S. The Convention Industry Council (CIC) in collaboration with MMB will facilitate and support CIC members, chapters and other coalition members and stakeholders in implementing the NAMID strategies and activities.

Toolkit materials will be distributed to meetings industry organizations, chapters, participants and event leaders. The information packet will include suggested NAMID activities, sample materials, campaign collateral and other advocacy information.

Information about events happening across the U.S., Canada and Mexico will be available in 2015.

More information at Meetings Mean Business.

Lead in photograph courtesy of Meetings Mean Business. 

Mon, 22 Dec 2014 06:00:00 +0000 info@eventinterface.com (Al Wynant) http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/First-Annual-North-American-Meetings-Industry-Day-Set-For-April-2015
100+ Top Terms Every Meeting Planner Needs To Know http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/100-Top-Terms-Every-Meeting-Planner-Needs-To-Know Our industry has its own terminologies for much of the things we buy, do and arrange. Some are straightforward, others perhaps a bit more vague in their meaning. It is imperative for anyone planning meetings or events to understand these terms and their implications. Today we are sharing the top terms every planner needs to know. The list is far from complete and we invite you to add your own top terms in the comment section below.


1. A/V or Audiovisual
Sound, lighting and projection equipment used at event.
2. Front Screen Projection
The image is projected to the front of the screen by a projector suspended or stationed in front of a screen.
3. House Lights
Existing lights at a venue usually dimmed when stage lights are in use.
4. Lapel, Lavalier or Pendant Microphone
A wireless microphone that can be affixed to a lapel of a speaker.
5. LED or Light Emitting Diode
A relatively new lighting technology used to create lighting.
6. Load In
Specified period of time for loading in equipment at the venue.
7. Load Out
Specified period of time for loading out equipment

at the venue.
8. P.A. System (Public Address System)
A sound system that amplifies sound in one area or throughout several rooms at the venue simultaneously.
9. Projection Screen
Surfaces upon which images can be projected.
10. Quad Box
Four electrical outlets in one box.
11. Rear Screen Projection
A video technique in which images are projected on the back surface of a screen positioned between the projector and the audience.
12. Roving Microphone
A microphone brought to audience members by an event staffer or volunteer, to pose comments or questions.
13. Standing Microphone
A microphone on an adjustable floor stand intended to remain in the same location.
14. Table Microphone
A microphone set up at a table.
15. Technical Rehearsal
A technical run through of an event to check light, sound and projection.
16. Throw Distance
The projection distance between the source of light or projection and the stage.  


17. Deposit
A partial payment to secure a venue or service.
18. Force Majeure Clause
A clause in a venue or vendor contract that limits the liability of the venue or vendor should an unexpected or uncontrollable event occur.
19. Guarantee
A confirmed number of meals or servings you will be paying for whether or not those will be consumed by the attendees at your event.  Venues typically require a 72-hour guarantee prior to the event.
20. Master account
An account set up with the venue to which authorized charges incurred by a group or planner can be charged.
21. Plus Plus (++)
Reflect the level of tax and gratuities charged by a venue if not included in the price, always identified as a “++” on your orders.
22. Rider
An amendment to a contract.


23. Exhibit Booth
One display at an exposition.
24. Exhibit Hall

The area(s) in an exposition where exhibits are displayed.
25. Inline or Linear Display
An exhibit that is set up along an aisle.
26. Island Display
An exhibit surrounded by four aisles.
27. Masking Drape
Fabric used to cover areas that should not be seen by an audience.
28. Peninsula Display
An exhibit bordered by three aisles.
29. Pipe and Drape
Draped fabric suspended from a tubular pipe that makes up the back and sidewalls of an exhibit booth.
30. Strike
The taking down of exhibits and staging.
31. Table Top Display
An exhibit designed for use on the top of a table.
32. Traffic Flow
The movement or flow of attendees through an exhibit, or how attendees travel from room to room at you meeting.


33. Banquet Captain
The lead person or persons, appointed by the venue, charged with overseeing food service at an event.
34. Banquet Event Order (BEO)
Also called a Function Sheet or Event Order, a detailed document that provides to a venue instructions and a timeline for how the banquet, meeting, or event will be run.
35. Continental Breakfast
Light morning meal that usually includes coffee, tea, juice and rolls.
36. Corkage Charge
The cost of bringing into a facility alcoholic beverages purchased elsewhere.
37. Covers
Actual number of meals served.
38. Host Bar or Open Bar
The host or sponsor of an event pays for the drinks. Guests do not pay for drinks.
39. Minimum
The minimum catering revenue required for an event set by the venue. If the minimum revenue is not met, additional charges will apply
such as waived complimentary meeting rooms.
40. Off-Site Caterer
Person or company who prepares and delivers food.
41. On-Site Caterer or On-Site Catering
Person or company who prepares food at the venue kitchen facilities.
42. Overset
The number of meals or settings the venue will prepare over what you have guaranteed. Usually 2% to 5%.
43. Plus Plus (++)
Reflect the level of tax and gratuities charged by a venue if not included in the price, always identified as a “++” on your orders.
44. Water Stations
Tables set up with self-service water bottles or pitchers of water for guests.


45. CMP - Certified Meeting Professional
The Convention Industry Council certification program for professionals in the meeting, convention and exhibition industries.
46. CVB or Convention and Visitors Bureau
A local organization that can help meeting planners conduct venue and vendor selection at no cost. A CVB publishes events calendars, news, and a directory of accommodations, for visitors, meeting planners and travel agents.
47. DMC or Destination Management Company
A company that specializes in organizing the logistics of meetings and events in a specific location or destination.
48. Director or Sales or DOS
Director of Sales at a venue.
49. D.T. Labor or Double Time Labor
Overtime work at a rate twice the normal rate.
50. EDT
Estimated Departure Time.
51. ETA

Estimated Time of Arrival
52. Fam. or Familiarization Trip
Free or reduced-rate travel offered to meeting industry professionals to introduce them to an area, venues, attractions, vendors and suppliers.


53. Concurrent Sessions
Sessions that occur at the same time.
54. Gala Dinner
Usually an evening event, with lavish décor, food and entertainment.
55. General Session
A session to which all conference attendees are invited, usually hosted at the beginning or end of the day.
56. Moderator
A person who presides over a panel discussion.
57. Poster Session
The presentation of research information on posters displayed on poster boards by representatives of research teams.
58. Session
A workshop or meeting that is part of a series of meetings.
59. Spouse Programs or Partner Program
Activities planned for guests of people attending a conference.
60. Welcome Reception
A casual opening event to welcome guests at a conference. Food and drinks are usually served.
61. Working Lunch
An active meeting around lunchtime during which a meal is served.


62. Advance or pre-registration
Sign up or registration for a meeting or event prior to the day of the event.
63. Online Registration
Event sign up or registration via a dedicated website allowing for collection of attendee information and payment processing.
64. On-site registration
Attendees can register upon arrival at the venue.
65. Registration Desk
A table where guests check-in prior to attending a meeting or event.
66. Registration Kit or Welcome Kit
A packet of meeting materials, including venue maps, agendas and additional information important to event attendees.


67. Auditorium Seating or Theatre Style Seating.
Chairs set up in rows facing the stage.
68. Banquet Rounds
A round table used seating between 8-12 guests depending on its size.
69. Chevron Seating, Herringbone or V-Shape
A room setup where chairs are placed in rows forming a V-formation facing the stage.
70. Classroom Seating or Schoolroom Seating
Room set up where tables are set in rows with chairs facing the stage.
71. Hollow Square Seating
Tables are arranged in a square shape with chairs set up only on the outside.
72. Horseshoe Seating
Tables are arranged in a u-shape with rounded corners. Chairs are placed on the outside but can be added on the inside also.  
73. Serpentine Setup
A series of tables set together making a curvy line, mostly used for buffet or display set-up.
74. U-Shape Seating
Tables are arranged in a u-shape. Chairs are placed on the outside but can be added on the inside also. 


75. Air Walls
Moveable wall panels used to partition a larger area into smaller rooms. Frequently used to make divide larger ballrooms into smaller spaces.
76. Back of the House
Service areas of the venue usually not seen by attendees.
77. Banquet Captain
The lead team member(s) at the venue overseeing food service at an event
78. BEO or Banquet Event Order
Can be called an Event Order or Function Sheet. This is an extremely detailed document designed by the venue outlining all of the details of your event and how it will be run. It showcases set-up, meals, times, audiovisual needs and special instructions. It is the venue’s script of your function.
79. Block or Room Block
Group of rooms or seats set aside for a specific event or group at a group price.
80. Breakout room
Smaller rooms at the venue made available for breakout sessions.
81. Cancellation Clause
Detailed explanation in the contract of the penalties should a cancellation occur.
82. Change Order
Document provided to a venue or vendor that outlines changes to an existing order or agreement.
83. Comp Rooms
A number of free or comp rooms provided by a venue based upon a number of rooms or room nights purchased by a group.
84. Cut-Off Date
The day when a facility releases the block of rooms or space held for your event if not booked.
85. Function Space
The locations or spaces at a venue where functions can be hosted.
86. Green Room
A private room for speakers, VIPs, performers to relax, away from the crowd, mostly used to meet with invited guests or media.
87. Hall
The facility where exhibits are held, or the area within a venue where exhibits are placed.
88. Head Count
The real number of guests attending an event.
89. Hospitality Suite
A hotel room or suite reserved by a group to entertain customers and invited guests. Hospitality suites often feature refreshments and food.
90. House Count
The number of occupied guest rooms in a hotel on any given night
91. Housekeeping

The department of a hotel charged with cleaning and maintaining guest rooms and all public spaces in the venue.
92. Incidentals
Miscellaneous expenditures at a hotel such as mini-bar, phone calls, in-room movies and room service.
93. Inclusive Rates
Rates that include all service fees, tips and taxes.
94. M.O.D.
Manager on Duty

95. No-Show
An expected attendee or guest who does not show up, and the hotel reservation is not used and not cancelled. No-shows are usually billed for one night.

Confirmed reservations at the hotel exceed the number of available guest rooms at the hotel.
97. Per Diem
By the day expenditure allowance commonly, but not exclusively, used by government employees.
98. Pick-Up
The number of guest rooms used compared to the number of guest rooms blocked for an event.
99. Pre-Con or Pre-Convention Meeting
A meeting for the event or meeting planner to review in detail the Banquet Event Orders and other details of the event with the staff of the venue.
100. RFP or Request for Proposal
A formal request by a company, containing detailed specs, to a prospect vendor asking for a bid based on the provides specs.
101. Rooming List
A list of guest names and their lodging needs given to a hotel by a meeting planner prior to the event.
102. Service Charge
A fee for services provided by facility, including food staff.
103. Set-Up Time
The time to set-up an exhibit or prepare for the event prior to guest arrival.
104. Skirting
Fabric attached to the side of tables, stages and risers, hiding cords and storage.
105. Walk or Being Walked
Guest with confirmed reservation are sent to another hotel due to overbooking at the hotel for which they hold a confirmed reservation.


Mon, 15 Dec 2014 06:00:00 +0000 info@eventinterface.com (Al Wynant) http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/100-Top-Terms-Every-Meeting-Planner-Needs-To-Know
Rebirth Of A Miami Icon http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/Rebirth-Of-A-Miami-Icon After a two–year $250 million renovation, Trump National Doral Miami joins the Trump Hotel Collection. Since purchasing this landmark in 2012, the Trump family worked with a team of internationally–acclaimed architects, designers and artists in order to entirely refashion 643 guestrooms and suites, more than 100,000 square feet of meeting and event spaces, premier restaurants, and 72–holes of championship golf.

Trump National Doral Miami offers more than 100,000 square-feet of innovative conference and meeting venues. Event spaces range from the expansive 24,000 square foot Donald J. Trump Grand Ballroom to 75,000 square feet of flexible outdoor venue locations in various spots around the resort’s 800 tropical acres. More intimate rooms are perfect for board meetings and small conferences.

Trump National Doral Miami Crystal Ballroom - Eventinterface
Crystal Ballroom

Trump National Doral Miami Boardroom - Eventinterface

The resort's 643 deluxe guestrooms offer a sophisticated atmosphere featuring plantation shutters, private balconies or terraces, deluxe baths, and high-speed Internet access in every room.

Trump National Doral Miami guest room - Eventinterface

Trump National Doral Miami guest bath - Eventinterface

Eight villas boast luxury accommodations all punctuated with classic gold leaf Spanish revival details, custom fit with rich furnishings, expansive marble bathrooms, paired with luxurious Trump Hotel Collection bedding and bath amenities. Private balconies and lanais afford panoramic outdoor vistas.

The resort offers fine dining restaurants BLT Prime - a modern American steakhouse and bar, Champions Bar & Grill - an upscale American grill offering indoor and outdoor patio seating, and Palm Grill offering alfresco dining poolside at the Royal Palm Pool. Trump Kids Camp offers a full service program for ages 4-12. The Fitness Center and weight room features Technogym Equipment. The 48,000 square-feet spa has 33 treatment rooms, a full-service Salon, an indoor saltwater pool, outdoor lap pool and more than 100 services and treatments.

Trump National Doral Miami  Royal Palm Pool - Eventinterface
Royal Palm Pool

Visit Trump National Doral Miami.
Photographs courtesy of Trump National Doral Miami.

Sat, 13 Dec 2014 00:00:00 +0000 info@eventinterface.com (Al Wynant) http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/Rebirth-Of-A-Miami-Icon
How To Hire A Video Production Company For Your Events http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/How-To-Hire-A-Video-Production-Company-For-Your-Events We are joined on Event TALK by Joel Cunningham, Co-Owner & Head of Video Production for Parametric Studios, a Phoenix, Arizona-based video production company. Joel studied at SCC and ASU, and began acting at the age of 5, which would go on to ignite his passion for video production. Joel has worked in video and film production for the last fifteen years with roles as cinematographer, writer, director, and producer for corporate events & videos to feature film shoots.

Joel joins us to talk about the different aspects you need to be aware of when bringing on a video production company for your events and meetings.

Listen to host Eric Dye & Joel Cunningham discuss the following:

  • As planners consider bringing on a video production company for an event, what do they need to think about before reaching out to you?
  • What specific information do companies like yours typically need from planners to develop an as accurate as possible proposal for service?
  • As planners receive and review a proposal for video production, what do they need to look for, what do they need to understand in order to avoid frustration during the project?
  • Going on site, how can planners best support the video production process?
  • What are your top 3 tips for planners to insure that a video project turns out exactly as they wanted?


About our guest:
Born on the East Coast but raised Arizona, Joel is the co-owner & co-founder of Parametric Studios. Having studied at SCC and ASU, Joel began acting at the age of 5, which would go on to ignite his passion for video production. Joel has worked in video and film production for the last fifteen years with roles such as cinematographer, writer, director, and producer for anything from corporate events & videos to feature film shoots. In addition to his production experience and work at Parametric Studios, he has had experience with film distribution and marketing, and is currently serving on the board as Treasurer for the children’s organization Young Ones United.

Reach Joel at 480.220.8444 or visit www.parametricstudios.com.

On the next episode, we are speaking with Al Wynant, CEO of Eventinterface about 2015 trends in meeting planning and technology. 

About Event TALK
Eventinterface Event TALK podcast show for event and meeting planners

Event TALK is a podcast show by Eventinterface for event and meeting planners. We bring you interviews with experienced professionals who share top tips and advice.

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