Eventinterface https://eventinterface.com/blog en-US Sat, 28 Nov 2015 09:27:37 +0000 Mon, 23 Nov 2015 06:00:00 +0000 http://www.creativecommons.org/licenses/by/1.0 FeedWriter EI NOTES Launched http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/EI-NOTES-Launched At Eventinterface we create the tools to make attendee management, engagement and conference learning as easy and cost-effective as possible. There should be no need for planners to use multiple tools to manage conferences or for attendees to manage their participation.

Al Wynant“Today, with the launch of EI NOTES, we are offering a new tool for attendees to be even more immersed into their events,” said Al Wynant, Eventinterface Co-Founder and CEO. “Now attendees can easily view program information shared by the organizers, including abstracts, presentations and videos, and take notes pre-, during and post-event, all in one location, again streamlining the processes and tools, keeping it as simple as possible,” said Wynant.

EI NOTES is an easy-to-use feature added to the Eventinterface Program functionality. Attendees can take notes during the session they attend, or anytime before and after. Notes are saved with the sessions, and attendees can download or email notes.

Also launched is the ability for registered attendees to search the event program by track, session title and speaker name. Adding this functionality makes it easier for attendees to build their conference itinerary around an area of interest, making sure they get the most out of their participation.


Eventinterface is a platform that enables meeting and event planners to manage conferences and meetings better, build new revenue streams and allows them create powerful communities before, during and after an event. We simplify and automate many of the tasks planners do; allow planners to easily collect and analyze attendee data; gather, share and monetize event content. Eventinterface makes your events better, more profitable and more engaging. 

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Black Friday Event Tech Deals http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/Black-Friday-Event-Tech-Deals As you prepare for your 2016 conferences and events, and perhaps evaluating tools to assist you, Eventinterface is offering a truly special Black Friday opportunity: save 50% on all licenses through Cyber Monday.

Eventinterface is the end-to-end meeting and conference management platform that offers planners unlimited events and unlimited registrations for a simple flat fee.  Eventinterface helps you manage events, accept registrations and payments, receive and manage speaker proposals, distribute event content and build community around your brand, cause or organization. And best of all, you can be up and running in minutes. 

Our “PICK YOUR DEAL” offer for new users offers three exciting options:

50% off annual subscription
or get 18 months for 12
or 50% off our one event Flex Plan

As you can imagine, a 50% discount on our platform is a very special deal and our way to show our appreciation to our meeting and event planning colleagues. This offer is available to new customers from now through Cyber Monday, November 30. 

Want to get started today? Call 480 884.1519 or email us here and we’ll contact you to get you started. Want to see your personal demo? Sign up here.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.

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Interviews with Planners - Al Wynant http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/Interviews-with-Planners--Al-Wynant Al Wynant is the co-founder and CEO of Eventinterface, a technology solution that lets meeting and event planners manage events better; enables them to enhance their revenue stream and allows them create a community around their events. Al has 26 years of international meeting and event management experience and has managed events from 50 to 125,000 on two continents. He studied in Europe and traveled with the international educational program Up with People. He has worked as a Marketing and Public Relations Representative working concert tours in the United States, Switzerland, Canada, Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom. He has worked for the Belgian Senate, United Way and founded event management firm A6 where he and his team were responsible for the management of a large variety of conferences and events throughout the United States. Al has served on numerous non-profit boards and is a frequent speaker on the topic of meeting and event management, and event technology. Al is also an Appointed Representative for Flanders in the World.

What is the best advice you have ever received as a planner?
Understand right from the start what the client is trying to accomplish and everything you do should help the client reach that goal. 

What is the most unique location you have ever planned an event at? What was great, what was challenging?
Working for a film festival we had to create 6 distinct spaces for the festival’s award show and after party. The award show was attended by about 500 VIP guests and broadcast from the atrium at the venue. Between the end of the broadcast and the after party we had to remove all seating and transform the atrium into a club. At the same time, all conference rooms and indoor pool had been transformed into unique event spaces honoring the best film nominations. From décor to drinks, food and entertainment, each room offered a unique event experience. Creatively speaking this was a dream event to produce. Logistically the event was a massive challenge. We had one day to set-up the venue, and 30 minutes to transfer the atrium from a live broadcast show to a club. It was insanely challenging but the team pulled it off. 

What advice would you give to someone entering the business today?
Truly understand the industry before jumping in, and find a niche that you are passionate about. If you love social events, become a specialist in that. Prefer conferences? Become the best planner you can be. This is a challenging industry to be in, and finding the type of events you can be passionate about will make your life just a tiny bit easier. 

What do you see as the most challenging aspect of being a planner, and how do you overcome that challenge?
Our industry is all about relationships. At the same time however our industry has relatively high turnover. You may have long term relationships with people; these people however may move from venue to venue, or vendor to vendor, making relationships with a particular venue or vendor a bit challenging to keep up. I always make it a point to create relationships with different people in varied positions to insure some stability in venue or vendor relationships.

On a lighter side, events are physically exhausting and your feet will hurt. Wear the most comfortable shoes you can find and all will be just fine.   

How do you think our industry will evolve in the next five years?
We are in an interesting period. A large percentage of experienced planners are retiring and new planners are taking their place. These new, and most likely younger planners are more apt to employ technology to enhance efficiency, engage participants and make events more profitable. I think we’ll see event tech employed more strategically by these planners. 

What makes you successful as a planner?
Planning is in my blood. I love the excitement, creativity, challenges and stresses associated with the production of an event. I believe I am successful because I view my role not just as a planner, but educator, politician and counselor, all helpful traits to insure success for the client. 

In your opinion, what is the best and worst industry trend of the year?
The arrival of streamlined end-to-end meeting and event planning platforms, such as Eventinterface and the trend to source locally produced foods is great. I’m becoming a little tired of food trucks at events. 

What is the best industry book that has helped you as a planner?
Interestingly not a traditional business book. Cirque du Soleil: The Spark - Igniting the Creative Fire that Lives within Us All created by Lyn Heward and written by John U. Bacon. It offered a great look on creativity and innovation and how that can benefit you and your business. 

Al Wynant
Co-Founder and CEO
Twitter: @Eventinterface.com
Email: MemberServices@Eventinterface.com

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Interviews with Planners http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/Interviews-with-Planners At Eventinterface we love helping Meeting and Event Professionals become excellent in their job. We do this by sharing experiences from other professionals in our Interviews with Planners collective.

We are part of a massive industry, thousands of Meeting and Event Professionals planning hundreds of thousands of conferences and events per year. New people join our ranks daily, some with a planning education, others with little or no experience. As with every career we learn most of what we know on the job. It is for that reason we have started “Interviews with Planners” a collective of event and meeting professionals who share ideas, experiences, and best practices with the planning community.

At Eventinterface it is not only our mission to provide a software platform that enables Meeting and Event Professionals to manage conferences and meetings better, build new revenue streams and allows for powerful communities before, during and after an event. It is also our mission to help planners become excellent in their jobs by learning from other professionals’ successes and failures. We do this by conducting written interviews with planners and sharing the interviews with the planner community.

Interviews with Planners can be found here.

All professional planners or industry vendors are welcome to submit an interview. We ask the same questions of every person submitting and we look to you to provide well thought-out answers. Responses should not be a sales pitch for your company and we may edit responses for brevity. There is no fee to submit your interview or have you interview published; all we ask is that you share your interview with your circle of influence via social media when published.

Download the interview form here and submit the completed interview as instructed on the form. We look forward to sharing your experiences.

Interviews with Planners can be found here.

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6 Marketing Tips To Increase Event Registration Sales http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/6-Marketing-Tips-To-Increase-Event-Registration-Sales Achieving high event registration sales accomplishes a twofold purpose: you generate a profit from the sales of those registrations, and achieve brand awareness from attendees who will be learning about your company or organization. The process is easier said than done if you’re not privy to the tricks-of-the-trade employed by successful sellers and marketers.

People like having choices. Give potential attendees multiple options. Aside from a basic registration, what other options can you add
Here are some ideas:

Award those who reserve their registration early by giving them a discount. Whatever date you begin selling registrations, create a window of opportunity for attendees to get a discount. If you begin selling registrations two months out from the event, for example, then consider a discount price for the first two weeks. Heavily advertise this to get people to take advantage of the offer. Aside from the cheaper price, early bird sales also ensure that those who buy early are guaranteed a spot. This also prevents you from having too many registrations that have to be sold last minute.

If your event spans the course of a weekend or a whole day, then provide partial day access for those that cannot attend the whole event. Keep in mind that there are those who would like to attend but are unable to spare a weekend or even a full day. Provide people in this situation with the option to attend for just the afternoon or evening portion of the event.

If the event contains multiple booths, workshops and presentations, consider providing registrations that are only good for a certain aspect of the event. Some attendees may only be interested in just one of the workshops or just want to attend one lecture.

Limited access registrations give these attendees the option to do just that without having to pay the price of a regular registration.

Remember, a bigger turnout means more potential new clients for the sponsors, so they are just as invested as you are for a successful event. Also, sponsors likely have bigger name recognition than your company; if they didn’t then they would be the ones turning to you for sponsorship. Make your sponsors help you by offering all the same registration options and discounts you give your own followers. To make the work easier for your sponsors, let them use some of your own marketing material. You can, for instance, give them email copies of your own newsletters complete with a call-to-action and link to the event page. This way, sponsors can use the copy for their own newsletter and not have to write up their own.

The primary focus should be the educational content. However, keep in mind that guests don’t just consist of your core demographic; they also consist of family members, friends, and third wheels of that demographic. Do you think these people really care for your event and all the workshops and lectures that will probably put them to sleep?

To make it worthwhile for them, promote the fun aspect of the event. Will there be entertainment, such as an after-event dance party or a professional entertainer? If so, then there is no such thing as overemphasizing it.

Upselling is somewhat of a controversial sales tactic due to its overtly promotional nature. However, most people agree that upselling can be effective as long as you don’t shove one product after another down your customers’ throat.

Keeping it to one product after a purchase should work just fine. In this case, upsell your registrations at a discount price as a thank you offer for customers that make a purchase or sign up for a service. Be sure to include a strong call-to-action. Here is a sample of how to write an upsell offer:

Thank you so much for being a (company name) customer. As a token of our appreciation for being a valued customer, we would like to offer you a chance to be one of our guests for our upcoming event. Click below for an exclusive, discount registration price available only through this page.

Simplify the process for your attendees by using a software program like Eventinterface. Such programs contain features that make it easy for you to include discount codes and multiple payment options. This also includes options for foreign transactions to enable foreign payments.

This comes in really handy if expecting oversea guests. For all other guests, it just makes the process easier for them as their registrations can be reserved online by just inputting their basic information.

Use your social media outlets to host a few contests with registrations as the winning prizes. Consumers love interactive experiences, and a competition is a great way to get participants involved in a way that draws hype and anticipation. So what kind of competition should you host? Create a contest that requires participants to use their own social media accounts to advertise your event.

Here are a few ideas:

- Contest to see who can send the most tweets containing your event hashtag
- A photo contest where selfies are taken and edited using your company or event logo as part of the background
- Contest to see who can create an event slogan for the event and draw the most “likes”

Selling registrations doesn’t have to be a complicated venture. You just have to know what kind of strategy to use and put it into practice in a result-oriented way. If you put in a wholehearted effort, then there is no reason why registrations or event tickets shouldn’t reach sold-out or close to sold-out status.

Dan McCarthy, Event Manager at JD PartiesThis is a guest post by Dan McCarthy, Event Manager at JD Parties, an event management company based in the UK. Dan has five years of event project management under his belt. He has worked on many successful events, and currently he shares his knowledge by writing on the company blog. Follow him on Twitter @DanCarthy2.

Wed, 21 Oct 2015 06:00:00 +0000 info@eventinterface.com (Al Wynant) http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/6-Marketing-Tips-To-Increase-Event-Registration-Sales
Interviews with Planners - Will Curran http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/Interviews-with-Planners--Will-Curran

As founder of Endless Entertainment, Will Curran has been named one of the 40 under 40 event industry leaders, 35 entrepreneurs under the age of 35, and Inc Magazine’s Coolest College Start-up all before graduating college. Will has been producing events since high school when he started his first company and has now worked in production of large event clients such as Emerald City Comicon, Anheuser-Busch, and the Color Run. His team’s mission is to simplify the event planning process by creating the equation for an event’s perfect solution. They also relentlessly seek to be the name in customer service in the events industry. From event logistics to business development to technical production, Will Curran has a diverse background in growing events and companies to the next level.

What is the best advice you have ever received as a planner?
There are hundreds and hundreds of events. We are all naturally creative people but too many people are thinking “outside of the box” instead it’s time to just CRUSH the box and start from scratch. Too many people are taking ideas from others, sometimes you need to look for inspiration outside of events to really take your events to the next level.

What is the most unique location you have ever planned an event at? What was great, what was challenging?
So this was not the largest event I ever did, but we once decided to load a bunch of lighting, and sound equipment to the middle of a canyon. Most 4x4s could not make it up the final hill to the location we went to because you needed a true 4x4 lifted Jeep. We had to bring our own generator to power everything and when the sun went down, we had a huge dance party under the stars. The music echoed all the way down the canyon.

What advice would you give to someone entering the business today?
Your network equals your net worth. Start building your LinkedIn network and start asking people to lunch and breakfast. Never eat alone. It isn’t about what you know but who you know. Don’t sell anything, just ask questions and learn and buy that person lunch. You’ll learn more doing this and also build a friend in the industry at the same time.

What do you see as the most challenging aspect of being a planner, and how do you overcome that challenge?
Being organized. I think as a planner you have a lot of things going on, and it’s really easy to be stressed. Early on you need to build your system for staying organized. I recommend looking into software and physical tools to stay organized so you don’t have to be panicked when you need something. When you are calm, cool, and collected it shows!

How do you think our industry will evolve in the next five years?
I think we are entering a really interesting space where the networking aspect of events will become very important to why people attend, if not the most important. I hear often that people go to (especially corporate events) and they don’t attend any of the educational sessions because they can catch the recording later. So first, making sure you can digest your content post-event but also that people have an awesome way of meeting other people. The speakers alone aren’t enough!

What makes you successful as a planner?
My passion. I think planning is extremely stressful, and confusing. However, due to my passion I am always able to look on the bright side and do it with a smile. The client appreciates this because they know I’ll do the extra mile and work late for them and that I can get people to rally behind me because of my passion.

In your opinion, what is the best and worst industry trend of the year?
Worst trend is all of the event technology coming out at once. With the flood of new apps, it is extremely crowded space that is also very distracting; you end up spending more time wondering how to integrate XYZ cool technology than about the attendee experience as a whole. I think we need some really focused efforts to improve the experience rather than 100’s of apps coming out a week.

Best trend is the more common occurrence of live streaming. With apps like Periscope and Meerkat becoming main stream, it’s easier for people to take part and be at events without being there personally. Most music festivals are online so with a good sound system, you can feel like you are there and see your favorite artists play.

What is the best industry book that has helped you as a planner?
I don’t really read a lot of industry books, however I can recommend one outside of the industry! Crush that box! Brain Rules by John J. Medina was fantastic. It talks about psychology and some basic rules that govern our brain and how it effects us a work, home and school. Must read to see how the brain works and how that can actually effect your events. For example, the brain craves to have a nap in the afternoon, so maybe you need to have nap time at your next event? Just saying!

Will Curran
Endless Entertainment
Twitter: @itswillcurran
Email: will@helloendless.com
Phone: 602 456-4764

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Tue, 20 Oct 2015 06:00:00 +0000 info@eventinterface.com (Al Wynant) http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/Interviews-with-Planners--Will-Curran
Interviews with Planners - Shelby Olivier http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/Interviews-with-Planners--Shelby-Olivier Shelby Olivier is a Program Manager for Red Velvet Events, a Global DMC Partner in Austin, TX. Shelby first began in the events industry as a Catering Sales Representative to earn money while attending college. She then moved on to become The Director of Marketing and Special Events for a venue in Georgia, earning her bachelors degree at the same time. She became a Program Manager after completing a summer internship program with Red Velvet Events, a Global DMC Partner.

What is the best advice you have ever received as a planner?

What is the most unique location you have ever planned an event at? What was great, what was challenging?
I’m currently working on a program that will basically create a mini campus out of the entire downtown area of Austin. It is great working with so many venues as a partnership, and seeing how competitors can work together for something huge. The challenge is working with different venues that each have different procedures and limitations, and trying to find consistency in the project as a whole.

What advice would you give to someone entering the business today?
Make yourself valuable. You should constantly be evaluating the level of service you are providing your clients with and asking yourself “would I pay me what I charge people?” You need to understand that you are offering customer service, and think about what experience you are giving your client. If they were reviewing you on Yelp what do you think they would say?

What do you see as the most challenging aspect of being a planner, and how do you overcome that challenge?
One thing that can be challenging about being a planner is managing expectations of your clients, your partners and attendees. The best way to overcome this is by over-communicating, over-communicating, and then over-communicating a little more. 

How do you think our industry will evolve in the next five years?
I think we’ll see a lot more RFID technology being utilized for corporate clients as a way to record analytics for event marketing and internal purposes.

What makes you successful as a planner?
We have a hashtag we frequently use at Red Velvet Events, which is #alwaysbelearning, and I think that is extremely critical in this industry (and any industry) where things are changing every single day. You should constantly be aware of new vendors and venues moving into your city, but also the trends and what other planners are doing in other cities. This industry is unique in that we have the opportunity to be constantly inspiring each other. 

In your opinion, what is the best and worst industry trend of the year?
Best: healthier catering options.
Worst: Mason Jars and chalkboard signs.

What is the best industry book that has helped you as a planner?
The Accidental Creative: How to Be Brilliant At A Moment’s Notice, By Todd Henry

Shelby Olivier
Program Manager
Red Velvet Events
Twitter: @ShelbyRVE
Email: Shelby@redvelvetevents.com
Affiliations or Memberships: ISES-Austin Chapter, MPI-THCC, Austin Young Chamber

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Mon, 19 Oct 2015 07:00:00 +0000 info@eventinterface.com (Al Wynant) http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/Interviews-with-Planners--Shelby-Olivier
First Time Exhibitor? Top Tips To Help You Prepare. http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/First-Time-Exhibitor--Top-Tips-To-Help-You-Prepare Exhibiting for the first time at a conference or trade event can be a daunting experience.  We discovered great tips from first time exhibitor and top sales professional Mark Jamnik. He attended his first trade show and learned some valuable lessons.

We find Mark’s suggestions around homework, booth focus, collateral, the team and anticipating what happens beyond the show invaluable. Click here to learn for yourself.

Lead in photograph courtesy of Mark Jamnik.

Tue, 13 Oct 2015 19:19:00 +0000 info@eventinterface.com (Al Wynant) http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/First-Time-Exhibitor--Top-Tips-To-Help-You-Prepare
Improving The Event Planner’s Work Life http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/Improving-The-Event-Planners-Work-Life Meeting and Event Professionals have a difficult task to track all aspects of the event planning and management process. Talented and well-meaning designers have developed many of the software tools and apps on the market for us. Rarely however have any of them been in the trenches. What does this mean to us planners?

With more than 25 years of international experience, and having planned events for as many as 125,000 attendees, we’ve been in the trenches – a lot. We have learned how technology can make the life of Event and Meeting Professionals easier, and today we wanted to share some of that experience and tips in helping you make the right technology decisions.

We know what we want, we understand what our clients want and we are determined to deliver! Many of the technology tools however are not designed to be as flexible as we desire. To deliver 100% on our vision we need a budget that would allow for custom event technology, and that however is unrealistic for most. So what are we to do?

We do have our own vocabulary that may sound like a different language to outsiders. BEOs, attrition, plus plus, CVB, DMC, ETA and more! When working with sales teams at technology companies we learn quite fast that we may be misunderstood. We attempt to solve a problem for our event, but the other side doesn’t quite understand what it takes to manage my event. If I am not understood, can the solution deliver?

Planning events takes time. It is not just about the registrations. It is about customer service, hospitality, logistics, content gathering and distribution and so much more. Events are complicated puzzles that take an enormous amount of time, resources and energy to plan.  If a technology solution only supports a small part of my job, is it worth the investment? What solution can I implement to truly save time and increase efficiency?


  1. Understand what your true needs are. What are your or your clients’ top 3 must haves in a tech solution? What problem are you really trying to solve?
  2. Define your budget.
  3. Understand you audience but don’t underestimate it. Its unfair to assume your audience isn’t sophisticated enough to buy and engage online. 80% of the online population has shopped online. In the United States alone there were more than 200 million online shoppers in 2014, and that numbers continues to grow. 
  4. Think outside of the box and reason through how a tech solution can help you generate more revenue, i.e. pay for itself and more. How it can increase your attendee engagement, and how it can make your job more efficient. Using one solution versus a fragmented set of tools will greatly increase those benefits. One end-to-end planning tool will increase your efficiency and decrease overall event cost.
  5. Will the technology tool become a valued member of your team or yet another tool for you to manage? How easy is it to use?
  6. When researching discuss your top 3 must haves and listen how the sales person guides you through the process. Do they really understand events? Have they been in the trenches? If so, you have a winner!

Want to learn how the Eventinterface event management platform can help you? Eventinterface has been designed by planners for planners. We have been in the trenches! Sign up for a demo today here and see how we can improve your work life. 

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Managing Dietary Restrictions At Events http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/Managing-Dietary-Restrictions-At-Events From allergies to religious restrictions, planning conference meals has become quite an undertaking for Event and Meeting Planners. Gone are the days when planners offered a vegetarian option as the only alternative. Now we must incorporate increasing levels of allergies, cultural and religious lifestyles to meet the needs of a global attendance base. And as planners we must navigate the needs of our attendees and the ability of the venue to deliver special meal requests.

At Eventinterface we see a greater awareness of planners offering an increasing numbers of options to their attendees. Some even ask for attendees to fill in the blanks and share their dietary restrictions, which we recommend only if you are one hundred percent sure you and your venue can deliver on the requests. If you ask your attendees, they will expect their selection to be honored.


Lactose: Any product manufactured out of cow milk including yoghurt, cheese, milk.
Tree nuts

Vegan: Only eats a plant-based diet with no animal products. No meat, fish, eggs or dairy products.
Ovo-Vegetarian: Mostly plants in addition to eggs.  No dairy products, meat or fish.
Lacto-Vegetarian: Mostly plants in addition to dairy products. No eggs, meat or fish. 
Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian: Mostly plants in addition to dairy products and eggs. No meat or fish. 
Pescetarian: A vegetarian diet and fish. No meat. 

Seventh Day Advetism
Yazidism or Yezidism

Source:  CNN Eatocracy

Note that there can be a combination of any of the above. Attendees could order a vegan Kosher option, a vegetarian halal option.

- Know your audience before securing the venue. If you audience has a high degree of requests, you will need to insure that the venue can deliver on these requests, either by the onsite kitchen or outside providers. Also understand the protocols of the venue related to food allergies. How is contamination prevented in the kitchens?

- Be aware that if you ask your audience members if they have a special dietary restriction, you will be expected to deliver on that request. Your attendees will in general be a “captive” audience with little opportunity to get away from your conference and find an appropriate meal, should you not deliver on the request.

- When signing up your attendees only ask or offer the restrictions you and the venue can deliver on.

- Work with the venue on a method to identify the guests with dietary restrictions.

- It remains the responsibility of the attendee to share their dietary restrictions with you. At times and attendee will show up and have not shared their requirements when registering. Insure you understand if the venue can handle last minute requests, and which requests can be handled. It is much easier to meet the request of an additional vegetarian meal than to add a kosher meal. 

Sat, 26 Sep 2015 11:10:00 +0000 info@eventinterface.com (Al Wynant) http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/Managing-Dietary-Restrictions-At-Events
The Impact Of The Sharing Economy On Meetings http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/The-Impact-Of-The-Sharing-Economy-On-Meetings Meeting and Event Planners may not yet understand the full impact the sharing economy can have on their events. As the adoption of home sharing websites increases, attendees may start looking for alternative options, impacting negotiated room blocks.

Traditionally we distribute RFPs to venues and service providers. We look for guest rooms, meeting space, attendee transportation and other vendors. We spend an enormous amount of time preparing the RPF process, reviewing proposals and conducting site visits. We agonize over the amount of room nights we will book, and work hard to negotiate a rate that will work for our attendees. A strong seller’s market with high occupancy rates and costly rooms make our job even more challenging. Increasing prices and access to easy technology provide an incentive for attendees to view and book alternative accommodations versus our costly conference room rates.

“Although I have not seen a significant impact,” said Al Wynant, Eventinterface CEO “I have seen an increase of attendees foregoing staying at conference hotels and booking accommodations for small groups using Airbnb or other providers. It does appear that conferences held in urban areas are more heavily impacted by this trend, with San Francisco and New York City being prime examples, of hotels being threatened by the growing sharing economy. And as people become more adapt to the use of these services, as we see with companies like Uber, this sharing economy will start impacting the meetings industry more,” said Wynant.

A recent conference at a luxury resort in Scottsdale saw room rates of $249 per night. Resort fees, taxes and overnight parking made the nightly rate roughly $325. The three-night conference stay cost attendees about $1,000. The average cost for a 2-bedroom condo in the same neighborhood, within walking distance of the venue, was $130 per night. Cleaning fee, taxes and service fees made the total cost about $650 for the stay. Five percent of attendees booked alternative accommodations accounting for a loss of 102 room nights to the conference. Luckily this loss was still covered by the allowable attrition for the event. This was an eye-opening experience for the planner of the conference who is now implementing a handful of policies to mitigate potential future losses.


  • Research alternative accommodations, availability and average cost as part of your overall housing strategy. If a high number of well-priced options are available within close proximity of your event, you may want to consider adjusting your room block accordingly.
  • Highlight the services, amenities, and benefits of staying at the venue in your conference materials. Most non-hotel accommodations can’t begin to offer the level of service and amenities provided at the conference venue.
  • Develop a rewards program for attendees who stay on property;
  • Offer attendees who stay on property a break on registration fees;

Has the sharing economy impacted your events and conferences? Share with us in the comments below. 

Mon, 21 Sep 2015 06:00:00 +0000 info@eventinterface.com (Al Wynant) http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/The-Impact-Of-The-Sharing-Economy-On-Meetings
What Does 2016 Hold For Events Management? http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/What-Does-2016-Hold-For-Events-Management Indirect spend has long been a critical piece of the spend management puzzle. “Complex spend management,” the moniker given to approaches for managing indirect spend categories such as events / meetings, business travel, marketing materials and services, and contingent labor, has been growing in strategic importance in recent years, as more and more businesses find that these categories have true corporate value.

For the category of meetings and events, the pace of business and the evolution of technology has certainly transformed the way organizations develop, organize, plan, and manage the many complexities within events management programs. Along with its “sister” spend category of business travel, events are one of the biggest budgetary items for the average business, and spending on meetings is only going to increase in the years ahead.

The current business landscape has altered events management programs, so much so that, in 2016, management of this category will be markedly different than it was in the past:

Mobility is no longer a perplexity.
A few years ago, mobile events management applications were proven to drive value, but very few organizations had the true technological power to arm their event planners (and attendees) with apps for enhanced on-site management. Although mobile apps are more viable today, adoption isn’t where it should be. In 2016, mobility won’t be a perplexity…it will be a standard for how attendees are better-engaged and planners develop their meetings.

Alternative booking sources alter the transient management side of events management programs.
Over the past 18 months, alternative booking sources (such as Airbnb) have altered business travel and expense management programs. In fact, some of these sources have even developed corporate solutions for B2B purposes. Expect these booking sources to become a bigger part of the transient travel side of corporate events management.

Big Data becomes Big Intelligence.
The notion of Big Data has moved well past the stage of “business fad.” For events management, Big Data will become Big Intelligence: intelligence into the needs and requirements of attendees, engagement levels and “emotional ROI” of live and virtual events, and the impact of ongoing events on corporate budgets for spend management and supplier management purposes.

Events management becomes a true strategic corporate imperative.
Much like business travel, business events are linked to enterprise growth, increasing sales, improving client and user relationships, and enhancing the overall company brand. As other business functions that were once considered “back-office” or more tactical in scope, like accounts payable, becoming more strategic in nature, events management in 2016 will finally see its impact on the greater evolution of a company’s global growth.

2016 will be an exciting year for events management, especially considering the items above and the impact of business evolution on how companies not only plan and develop their meetings, but also engage attendees.


Christopher J. DwyerChristopher J. Dwyer is a Research Director at Ardent Partners, a Boston-based supply management research and advisory firm. He is considered a thought leader in the spend management industry, with recognition from Supply and Demand Chain Executive Magazine as a “Pro to Know” in 2013. He has written hundreds of research studies and reports on the evolution of procurement, finance, and other key functions (such as events management), and can be reached at cdwyer@ardentpartners.com or on Twitter (@CJD_Ardent). Visit www.cporising.com to read more of his research.


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Eventinterface now offering attendee invoicing http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/Eventinterface-now-offering-attendee-invoicing We are thrilled to announce the launch of our newest feature "Attendee Invoicing." Many of you, especially those working with schools, have requested this feature and we are happy to have it available starting today. Attendee Invoicing offers planners the opportunity to accept registrations from individuals or groups who require an invoice for payment.  

1. When setting up payments for your events in step 6 select "invoice." 

Eventinterface now offering attendee invoicing

2. Set up payment details.

Eventinterface attendee invoice set-up

3. Upon checkout, if made available, attendees will be able to select "invoice" as a payment option amongst any other payment options you have made available.

Eventinterface attendee invoice

4. Your reporting and individual attendee details will reflect that the attendee has elected to pay via invoice. You can click on "Resend Confirmation" to resend the invoice to the attendee. 

Eventinterface Attendee Invoice Sample

5. Attendee receives invoice for order placed.

Eventinterface Attendee Invoice Sample

Questions about this feature, please email us at MemberServices[at]Eventinterface[dot]com.

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The Scottsdale Resort at McCormick Ranch Reopens http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/The-Scottsdale-Resort-at-McCormick-Ranch-Reopens Resort reopens after extensive $10 million renovation, transforming the hotel by adding two new restaurants, a reimagined main pool, new outdoor event spaces and refreshed guest rooms. 

The design team took inspiration from the resort’s history and architecture and refreshed the look staying true to its original aesthetic design. The fully redesigned arrival experience, including lush landscaping and signage, and a renovated lobby lead guests into the new Bar Six40. The transformed courtyard is now a lively social space where guests can enjoy drinks and bites from the new Kitchen West Restaurant while enjoying live entertainment around the large fireplace and new fire pits.

Additionally, the main pool area was completely remodeled and now includes a full-service restaurant and bar called Twisted Vine. It features eight new cabanas available for private rental, a shaded trellis in the water and a bridge-like water feature dividing the new pool, which is 2.5 times larger than the previous one. The pool area also has been modernized with water features.

The Scottsdale Resort at McCormick Ranch new lobby on Eventinterface
New lobby

Of the resorts 326 guest rooms 266 have been updated with new artwork and bedding, a headboard, carpeting, two chairs, a window table, new color schemes for a brighter look and feel, and desks. Twenty first-floor rooms now have private patios with access to the main pool. The guest room corridor boasts fresh new paint, carpeting and historical Scottsdale artwork. The remainder of the guestrooms will be renovated in 2016.

Renovation significantly expanded and upgraded the outdoor event facilities. The property now features two event lawns and one sport court. The larger main lawn offers more than 10,000 square feet of event space and can accommodate up to 1,200 people for receptions, events and teambuilding exercises. The new community lawn near the resort entrance boasts clear views of the iconic Camelback Mountain and will host a variety of public events open to resort guests and locals along with private events for groups and meetings. Groups of up to 600 people can take advantage of the 330 days of annual sunshine in Scottsdale and clear, starry desert skies.

The Scottsdale Resort at McCormick Ranch new restaurant on EventinterfaceKitchen West Restaurant will be opening shortly and will offer an authentic experience that embraces the boldness of the Western spirit. Executive chef Rick Dupere has created a seasonal menu of unique American Western fare, and plans to source the freshest products possible from the Western United States.

In the middle of the lobby, The Scottsdale will debut a new lobby bar serving as an extension of the restaurant. Bar Six40 will serve local coffee, freshly squeezed juices, and light breakfast options and snacks. Guests will enjoy craft beers and wines with live entertainment during the afternoon and evenings.

More information here

Photographs courtesy of the resort.

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Top 3 Challenges For Meeting Planners http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/Top-3-Challenges-For-Meeting-Planners Planning meetings is a hard. Ever-changing demands, a sellers’ market and unrealistic expectations add to the daily stress experienced by professional Meeting Planners. Today we explore some of the toughest challenges faced by planners and share solutions to overcome them.

The demand for meeting space continues to increase, and hotel inventory is not keeping pace resulting in a strong sellers’ market. Occupancy rates and room rates remain high. Hotels are now more selective in the groups they accept; in fact they now only welcome about one out of four meetings. Only the groups with the highest profit potential will be invited onto most properties.

Meeting Planners must develop the RFP process strategically by allowing for flexibility and by providing a compelling reason for the hotel to consider them as a worthwhile client.  We see most success with planners who can be flexible on dates and locations.  Planners who incorporate additional revenue opportunities for the hotel with pre-, and post-event activities for attendees and spouses receive higher probability of success in booking their desired venue.

We must now sell our clients and ourselves even more than the hotel is trying to sell us. Whatever you can do to make yourself stand out from a revenue perspective in your RFP process is sure to be in your benefit.

Eventinterface Newsletter for Meeting and Event Planners

Meeting Planners are constantly faced with requirements of clients, demands of attendees and requests from vendors. They are masterful conductors, insuring the success of the event and keeping all involved happy. This is not an easy task, especially with ever-changing expectations.

Clients may not always know what a meeting or conference will look like when conducting the RFP process resulting in challenges along the way. All planners have experienced additional meeting room requests, demands for more suites or other services shortly before, or during an event. Clients do not always recognize that venues may not have additional space available due to other onsite clients, staffing issues, availability of chairs, tables and linens, or there simply may not be any space available. The same counts for hotel rooms and suites, and managing VIP and attendee needs.

It is imperative for Meeting Planners to be involved as early as possible in the planning process, understand the event’s history –if any- and help create the hotel RFP. It is key that planners manage the client’s expectations on what is possible and what may be challenging to accomplish within the allowable budget.

We have found it helpful to have a clear understanding of what the possibilities are at the venue during the event, and the cost associated with last minute requests for resets, additional rooms and other wishes the client may have.  Adding a chair here and there is usually not an issue. Setting up another session, adding a dinner or needing a second Presidential Suite with little notice can be challenging to deliver, especially when budgets must be considered.

Event Inspirations for Eventinterface on Pinterest

Even with easy-to-use online planning solutions, such as Eventinterface, collecting accurate attendee data is a massive undertaking. Only Meeting Planners understand how many attendees misspell their own names, do not capitalize name or enter their name in all CAPS, and we are mystified by this phenomenon. This drives us mad since we love to have uniform name badges.  Add to this the gathering of company information, tittles, session attendance, meal choices, and other information needed to deliver a great event experience for the attendee. 

Meeting Planners are hosts at heart and no matter how wrong the attendee’s information may be –even if they entered it themselves-, we will deliver the experiences, field trips, polo shirts and meal choices the attendee requires.  Isn’t that a tab bit absurd?

One planner client struggled with this issue for years. About 15% of her attendees would request new name badges for misspelled names, would maintain they ordered vegetarian meals when not, and even enter incorrect airport arrival information. These issues added unnecessary expense to her event budgets.

One year she decided to let her attendees know that names on badges would appear as they had been entered in the registration system. If misspelled, a replacement badge would be the cost of a full registration. Meal choices would be delivered as ordered. If incorrect airport information were provided, the attendee would be responsible for the additional transportation cost. Attendees were able to review and update their registration using Eventinterface up to 72 hours before the event. There was no excuse! Within one event, errors had gone from about 15% of attendees to a handful. There were no customer service issues at the check in desk. Attendees were picked up at the right airports. Complaints about issues dropped 95% because the attendees who would normally have issues with badges, orders and airport transfers had nothing to complain about. She held her attendees responsible for their own mistakes and succeeded in getting greater data accuracy to deliver the event experience desired by all attendees. She has now implemented this technique successfully with all events she manages.

1. Develop a hotel RFP showcasing revenue potential and flexibility.
2. Understand your event, venue limitations and budget impact of changes and requests.
3. Be an impeccable host. That does not mean you can’t hold attendees responsible for their registration inaccuracies.

Other helpful articles:
10 Life Hacks for Meeting Planners 
Event Planner Quick Tips 

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First Ever Global Meetings Industry Day Announced http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/First-Ever-Global-Meetings-Industry-Day-Announced On April 14, 2016, leaders from across the meetings and events industry will come together to support the first Global Meetings Industry Day (GMID). Led by the advocacy coalition Meetings Mean Business (MMB), GMID will showcase the real impact that business meetings, conferences, conventions, incentive travel, trade shows and exhibitions have on people, business and communities.

David Peckinpaugh, MMB co-chair and president of Maritz Travel“GMID will unite the meetings industry in a way that has never been done before,” said David Peckinpaugh, MMB co-chair and president of Maritz Travel. “The growth and success of our industry are critical to the world’s economy and we look forward to communicating our value on the global stage.”

GMID marks the expansion of North American Meetings Industry Day (NAMID), held earlier this year in the United States, Canada, Mexico and parts of Latin America. NAMID included 88 events across the continent as well as robust conversations online and 3.2 million social media impressions. Proclamations of support were issued by the governor of Wisconsin and mayors of Toronto, Buffalo and Washington, DC. A NAMID billboard was featured all day in Times Square and Caesars Entertainment “Turned the Strip Blue” in Las Vegas with NAMID logos and signage. In Mexico, a collaboration agreement was signed between the federal government, the tourism board and all 11 Meetings Industry Associations.

In 2016, MMB will again join forces with the Convention Industry Council (CIC) and other industry partners to host advocacy events and rallies, issue proclamations and champion the value of the meetings and events industry on social media.

Michael Dominguez, MMB co-chair and senior vice president of corporate sales at MGM Resorts International“By recruiting individuals and organizations from every corner of the globe, we’ll demonstrate the critical role our industry plays in building personal relationships, driving positive outcomes and supporting strong communities,” said Michael Dominguez, MMB co-chair and senior vice president of corporate sales at MGM Resorts International. “During NAMID, we saw three countries stand together with one loud and powerful voice advocating for our industry. Next year, we’ll do one better and bring together industry partners across the globe to stand with us.”

According to Karen Kotowski, CEO of Conventions Industry Council, the goals of GMID will be similar to not only to those of NAMID, but also the first Meetings Industry Day, launched by Meeting Professionals Karen Kotowski, CEO of Conventions Industry CouncilInternational more than twenty years ago. “Our core objectives will be to define and shape the meetings and events profession in the future, help raise the industry’s profile and discuss the economic impact of meetings with people outside the industry, who are impacted by it every day,” she said. “We’re eager to engage everyone in the meetings and events community – from the grasstops to the grassroots – to demonstrate our value and strength.”

Stuart Taylor, Canada Chapter Business Manager for Meeting Professionals International added, “GMID isn’t just about creating a series of industry events. It’s about elevating and empowering our community to raise awareness of our impact – economically, environmentally, socially and intellectually. I am thrilled to be involved in this effort.”

Learn more about GMID. 

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Eventinterface Affiliate Program Launched http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/Eventinterface-Affiliate-Program-Launched Earn up to $500 per referral with the Eventinterface Affiliate Program. Our program is super simple to join, and you can start earning money immediately by referring your event or meeting planning associates, friends and colleagues. And yes, you can earn up to $500 per referral. Nothing too shabby!

Whether you are expanding your product portfolio or getting your business off the ground, the Eventinterface Affiliate Program can help you boost your income stream with no limits on your earning potential!

At Eventinterface, our goal is simple: we want planners to be able to run their events and meetings more easily and cost-effectively. We are a strategic partner with the experience and the tools that will enhance the value of their events and brand. Our cloud-based event management and attendee engagement platform is an all-inclusive system that lets planners manage events generate additional revenue, and build powerful communities. Eventinterface supports small organization to enterprise level accounts of any size, and scales as planning needs grows.

For more information and program details, view the program agreement here.

Questions? Reach out to us here. Ready to start? Apply for the program by completing the application here

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Our Latest Ebook: Successful Registration Fee Pricing Strategies http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/Our-Latest-Ebook-Successful-Registration-Fee-Pricing-Strategies Setting registration or ticket prices for meetings and events can be a contentious process. It is a procedure not necessarily enjoyed by planners and committees. It can become an emotional roller coaster and it usually lacks a strategy. Developing registration or ticket prices has to do as much with meeting budgets as offering opportunities for a large number of people to attend your event or meeting. 

At Eventinterface we’ve seen a wide-ranging variety of strategies and pricing models. Our latest e-book outlines helpful tips to develop successful pricing strategies for your events and meetings.

Get your complimentary copy here.


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Attendee “Wants” Take Center Stage http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/Attendee-Wants-Take-Center-Stage Meeting Professionals International (MPI) has published its Meetings Outlook, 2015 Summer Edition. A renewed focus on attendee engagement, based on their “wants,” is emerging at a time when planners are re-experiencing a strong meetings market and facing challenges such as budgets that are disproportionate to costs.

The quarterly report key findings include:

  • 72% of meeting professionals expect overall business conditions to improve in the near future, up from the 65% percent reported one year ago.                                         
  • 62% of respondents expect their meetings to grow, up from 53% one year ago.
  • 11% fewer respondents predict an increase in virtual events compared to last year, 57% vs. 68%.
  • 81% of respondents say their CEOs have witnessed how meetings and events yield tremendous value for companies.
  • 83% of meeting pros are tailoring communications around the demographics of their meetings and events.
  • 36% of respondents are making meetings more engaging by participating in community volunteerism at the site of an event.

To view the full report click here

Meetings Outlook is developed in partnership with Visit Denver, The Convention & Visitors Bureau, and is supported in partnership with the IMEX Group.

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Eventinterface Launches Certified User Program http://www.eventinterface.com/blog-article/Eventinterface-Launches-Certified-User-Program The Eventinterface Certified User Program is an opportunity for Event and Meeting Planners to be recognized as leaders in their community as well as earn benefits and rewards. Certification is based on platform use and active participation in the Eventinterface community.

“Our planner clients bring an amazing amount of talent and experience to the table not only in planning events but also in the use of our platform,” said Al Wynant, Eventinterface CEO. “So many of our clients greatly benefit from this community, and our planners are incredibly supportive of other planners, happy to share information and lessons learned. Building this community of Certified Users is an extension of our commitment to building the best community possible for planners using our platform,” said Wynant.

Qualification is open to Eventinterface clients. To become and remain an Eventinterface Certified User, planners must collect a minimum of 50 certification points annually.

Here is how you can collect points:

  • Plan one single session event a: 5 points;
  • Plan one multi-session event b: 10 points;
  • Attend one online Eventinterface workshop: 5 points;
  • Attend a live Eventinterface workshop (in person or remotely): 10 points;
  • Submit an article for our blog: 10 points;
  • Speak at an Eventinterface event: 15 points;
  • Refer a new client: 25 points awarded when client signs up;
  • Engage with us on social media: 1 point per social media like or follow on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram for a maximum of 6 points;
  • Repost or re-tweet an Eventinterface post on social media: 0.25 points per repost or re-tweet;

Certification levels:

  • 50 Points = Eventinterface Certified User – One Star Badge
  • 75 Points = Eventinterface Senior Certified User – Two Star Badge
  • 100 Points = Eventinterface Top Certified User – Three Star Badge Badge

   Eventinterface Certified User Badge Eventinterface Senior Certified User Badge Eventinterface top certified user badge

What are the benefits of becoming an Eventinterface Certified User?

  • Industry-wide recognition of your competence on the Eventinterface platform.
  • Recognition of your Eventinterface Certified User status via badge that can be displayed on your profile, social media profiles, business cards and Eventinterface website profile.
  • Ability to attend Eventinterface User Conference at a reduced cost or free, depending on your Certification Level (Level 3: 50% discount; Level 2: 75% discount; Level 1: 100% discount).
  • Confidence in your ability to maximize the Eventinterface platform.
  • Official Eventinterface Certified User framed certificate.
  • Opportunity to be invited to speak at the Eventinterface User Conference.
  • Exclusive client resources and benefits sent to you via Eventinterface Certified User emails.

How can you get started?
The program has officially started and any activity beginning July 1, 2015 forward will be counted towards certification. There is nothing you have to do to sign up. Participation is automatic for active Eventinterface clients; however, if you haven’t yet liked us or are not following us on social media, start today! That’s a quick 6 points! Here are the links: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+Pinterest.

Reach out to us at MemberServices@Eventinterface.com or connect with your Eventinterface contact directly.

a. A single session event is an event that does not include breakout sessions or multiple tracks. A sample could be a luncheon event or workshop.
b. A multi-session event is an event that includes multiple tracks or sessions with the planner using the program feature to share session details.

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