Analyzing The Conference Behaviors of Fortune 1000 Executives

Market Research Company Goodman Lantern recently published a study featuring research on the behaviors of executives and why they attend, sponsor or exhibit at conferences and conventions.

It was the company’s goal to discover why corporate executives elect to attend certain business events, how they gather information and what influences their decision to either participating as an attendee, sponsor or exhibitor. 191 top executives participated in this study.


  • The study revealed that 68.9% of executives primarily attend conferences to network.
  • 53.5% of respondents shared that the conference website and blog is the main method used to learn about a conference or event.
  • 42.1% of executives register more than 1 year in advance, followed by 27.9% who sign up between 6 months to 1 year prior to the conference.
  • 51.3% of respondents wanted the conference be a thought leader before considering sponsoring or exhibiting.
  • 79.2% of execs prefer communications and distribution of materials and follow up reports via email.

The complete report details fantastic information, helpful to conference planners and marketers in attracting top executives to their conferences and events. Get the complete report here.

Source: Goodman Lantern 

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