How to Hire an AV Company for Your Event

On this episode of Event TALK we are speaking with Will Thompson, Business Development Manager at Atema Partners. Our discussion focuses on best practices and tips for event planners in hiring and working with AV companies.

Listen to show host Al Wynant and guest Will Thompson discuss the following:

  • The items an event planner needs to know before reaching out to an Audio Visual or Production Company with a Request for Proposals.
  • How event planners can overcome challenges in working with AV companies.
  • What event planners need to negotiate with venues to insure an outside AV company can successfully prepare and perform on the job.
  • Latest AV trends event planners can implement to bring events to the next level.
  • Top 3 tips planners need to keep in mind in working with an AV company.



Will Thompson is Business Development Manager at Atema Partners. Besides helping people pronounce the name of the company, Will helps clients in the meeting and events industry have a transformative experience with an audio visual company. His number one value is the importance of building authentic relationships with people, and to help them find the solutions to their problems, in and out of the AV industry.  Will lives in Denver with his wife, Annie and their dog, Roger, who, let’s be honest, is spoiled out of his mind.  Connect with Will at

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