How to monetize your event content for free

As a meeting organizer, you spend an exorbitant amount of time insuring that your program is the best possible. You scrutinize hundreds, if not thousands of speaker proposals. Then, you collect presentations and handouts to share with your attendees. During the event, you record your sessions. Once your event wraps you are left with an extremely valuable catalog of content. In most instances, some of this content is made available on social networks, or association and company websites. As organizers, you move on to the next event and slowly forget about the amazing content you just delivered to your participants. You seem to forget all the work you poured into creating your remarkable program. You forget the significance of your content, that your content has an educational and monetary value. After all, isn’t the program the reason people paid to come to your conference?

Most associations and companies have years of well-curated event content. It’s just sitting on a hard drive, waiting to be discovered again. Would it not be great if you could put this resource to work? Use it to engage and educate a larger percentage of your stakeholders? Attract new people to your program, cause, product or brand? Generate revenue for your organization, association or company?

“Only 15 to 20 percent of possible attendees participate in your conferences and events. People stay home for a variety of reasons, from budget to personal. A large percentage of these individuals still wants to learn, network and connect,” said Al Wynant, Eventinterface Co-Founder and CEO. “Sharing a few videos and some materials post-conference doesn’t service these people. Creating an online content resource for your live attendees and opening this up to your prospects at home allows you to engage a larger percentage of people, share valuable content and create engaging best-in-class online communities around your cause, product, service and brand. This is why we created Eventinterface DISCOVER,” said Wynant.

Eventinterface DISCOVER allows meeting organizers to use program content and build an engaging, best-in-class online community, inviting individuals who could not participate in a conference to join an online community, focused on content, learning and networking. Conference organizers can do this using the materials already created for their live events without any additional investment or resources. “Building this community, accessible by registration, allows meeting organizers to increase engagement, generate revenue and access valuable business intelligence from participants,” said Wynant.

This biannual science conference attracts on average 125 international attendees. Approximately 375 attendees are not able to attend, mainly for budgetary considerations. Thirty-five speakers present highly scientific papers at this conference. Presentations are never posted publicly, and the conference generally breaks even.

For the following conference, the organizer worked with the speakers to obtain permission to share presentations and abstracts. These were posted to Eventinterface once the event concluded, and allowed the organizers to sell access to stakeholders who were not able to attend the conference. The 375 at home prospects were invited to buy into the conference community for a fee, at about half of the conference registration fee. 307 at home attendees purchased access at $995 each.

Stakeholder engagement went from 25% to 87% and the conference went from breaking even to generating an additional $305,465. These were excellent results, and may not be typical for all conferences, but show the potential of creating post-conferences communities to extend engagement and opening up conference content to your full audience.

Eventinterface DISCOVER is free to use for conference organizers who want to build post-conference communities. Eventinterface will work with organizers to create the community and assist in the promotion and maintenance of the community. Eventinterface will help you monetize your content with your own members, employees, customers and prospects. You will be able to use Eventinterface DISCOVER to increase your overall engagement and long-term revenue of your conferences.

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