Top Event Communication Tips

Event communication is the subject of our latest Event TALK episode. Los Angeles-based Gretchen Hydo, Keynote Speaker, Life and Business Coach, shares her top tips for meeting and event professionals on how to best communicate.

Listen to host Al Wynant and guest Gretchen Hydo discuss the following:

  • Top tips for sharing the story of an event effectively.
  • Strategies to communicate with diverse teams.
  • How to overcome communication barriers.
  • How to best communicate with attendees during an event.
  • Communication mistakes, and how to avoid them.




Considered by many to be one of Los Angeles’ top coaches, Gretchen Hydo is a certified professional coach, keynote speaker, nationally syndicated advice columnist, and thought leader. Specializing in business, life, executive productivity, and relationship coaching she helps people from all walks of life ready to make significant and substantial changes. Through her insight and ability to ask challenging questions, coupled with a defined process and purpose, she is able to uncover a clear path to achieving the kinds of goals that result in a better everyday experience overall. Gretchen has spent the past ten years working, hands- on, with individual clients, name brands, and notable companies, providing entrepreneurial tools, public relations acumen, and real-world practical advice to produce unprecedented results. She has an extensive background in PR, marketing, and business strategy. She is a go-to expert for the press and is frequently featured in A-list publications such as Fast Company and the Chicago Tribune. She is also an instructor with the Life Purpose Institute and specializes in training life coaches.

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