Creativity for Meeting and Event Planners

Get ready to reignite your creativity. Guest Robert Evans Wilson, Jr., award-winning writer and speaker shares his top tips and tools for meeting and event planners to be creative.

Listen to host Al Wynant and guest Robert Wilson discuss the following:

  • Overcoming creativity block.
  • How to overcome conformity and ignite creativity.
  • How to inspire diverse teams to be creative.
  • Mistakes a meeting planner can make when trying to be creative.
  • Techniques and exercises to ignite creativity.



Award-winning writer and speaker, Robert Evans Wilson, Jr. is a storyteller who has entertained audiences around the world since 1997. He is a serial entrepreneur who started nine companies. Today, Rob shares his knowledge with organizations that want to be more competitive, and with people who want to think like innovators.


As an author, Rob writes "The Un-Comfort Zone" an internationally syndicated column on achievement, innovation, and leadership that appears in Psychology Today and more than 400 other publications. He is also the author of four books including: "Wisdom in the Weirdest Places," a collection of inspirational stories on how to motivate yourself and others; "...and Never Coming Back" a psychological mystery novel about a motion picture director; and "The Annoying Ghost Kid," a humorous children’s novel about how to deal with bullies that will be made into a motion picture by Lead Lion Media.


And, Rob is a humorist, He has won 10 humorous speaking contests. He has appeared at the Punchline Comedy Club. He was even proclaimed the second funniest person in Georgia by Toastmasters International. Sometimes known as the “Graffiti Guy,” Rob Wilson is also the author of "OFF THE WALL! The Best Graffiti Off The Walls Of America," a hilarious illustrated collection of witticisms.


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