Eventinterface Selected To Join MAC6

Eventinterface is excited to announce that we have been accepted as a participant into MAC6, a Tempe-based business incubator and leadership program.

“Our team is thrilled to have been selected into MAC6,” said Al Wynant, Eventinterface CEO.  “The program will provide our group with knowledge and support in the further development of our long-term growth plan. That, combined with the fact that MAC6 is an advocate for Conscious Capitalism, an emerging form of capitalism that leverages positive social change into long-term competitive advantage, attracted us to apply to the program. We are looking forward to a successful partnership.”

“MAC6 is excited to work with Eventinterface and believe that their business and leadership team show great potential to positively impact the events industry, through a Conscious Capitalism approach to business,” stated Kyle McIntosh, MAC6 Co-Founder and Creative Excitant.

MAC6 2.0 incubees Eventinterface
MAC6 2014 Incubees, EXP Travel, Pinpoint Investments, Infra-Tect, Eventinterface, Endless Entertainment. Not pictured Late Living.

About Eventinterface
Eventinterface is an event management and attendee engagement software company that focuses on creating meaningful engagement between all stakeholders of events. Increased engagement leads to increased participation, increased revenue, and more effective use of planning time. Eventinterface lets planners build meaningful connections and allows events to reach their full financial potential.

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About MAC6
MAC6 is a lot of things, but at its core, they are advocates for capitalism as a force for good. Conscious Capitalism challenges companies to embrace purpose - not just profit - as a long-term business strategy. MAC6 challenges early-stage businesses to do the same. They are a visionary business incubator putting young Conscious companies at the center of a yearlong experience that will change their course. Surrounded by a state-of-the-art environment and teams of financial and business-planning experts, MAC6 Incubees develop into sustainable businesses that will impact the world for the better.

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Incubee photo courtesy of Jennifer Burwell.