Food Trucks, Trend or Fad?

Just last week we wrote about the use of food trucks at events. The article brought up an interesting question, are food trucks a trend or fad? We set out to ask planners their opinion. Based on the many positive responses, it appears food trucks are here to stay.

Cathy Pate, Event and Recreation Manager for Greenwood Village shares: “I have used food trucks at my events. We have a fabulous social network with the trucks, and they are so eager to help in Denver. They are great!! Easy way to have food with no cost to the event host - I waive their vendor fees to enter the parks, which is great for customer service. Nothing but a positive experience for me!

Kevin Ehlers is a big fan, and thinks they are here to stay. All of the competition in the space is driving innovation, and there are a lot of trucks where he lives that are putting out really good food. Regarding their relevance to an event, as long as it is appropriate for the crowd and space he thinks it's a great idea. It seems easier and probably cheaper to hire a truck or two than to hire a catering company.

Carling Dinkler, III, Founding Partner and Owner, Custom Convention, and Co-Partner with Tailored Tours believes they are here to stay as well, and that the market will keep getting stronger. He thinks that food trucks may not be proper for all events, but they certainly have earned their place in the restaurants world and will only get more refined and sophisticated.

Cathal Jones, Head of Sales at Davis Events was the only respondent on the fad side of the conversation. Jones believes food trucks can work quite well depending on the food, but at the same time, she has had experiences during past events where high quality food trucks end up stinking out whole parts of a venue, and have caused awful problems. She tries to stay away from them.

Sarah Oakes, Senior Recruitment Consultant at SouthTech thinks food trucks have a place at many outdoor events. She would not call them a fad as they have been around for years. Purpose built trucks retailing coffee & cakes, or pre-made sandwiches and salads, and some hot food selections provide a service to patrons that would otherwise mean a long walk or nothing at all, depending on the event.

For Colleen Cornett, CMP, CTA a Client Services Director at AOCVCB food trucks have become a very popular addition to her events on the Grand Plaza at the Anaheim Convention Center. They have great food and the event attendees love them. They are here to stay.

Johanna Mansor, CMP, President of BAN2 shares that they have a very big food truck culture in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. “We like the variety of food and also the fact that the food comes to us instead of us having to go to the food (restaurants)!” With many people working long hours, convenience plus good cheap food are key.

Based on this feedback it looks like food trucks are here to stay! Add your own feedback via Twitter or Facebook.

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