How To Pick The Right Date For Your Event

Selecting a date for an event, especially a new event, can be a nerve-racking experience. Although it is not the only thing that makes or breaks and event, picking the wrong date could lead to failure, the right one can add to the success of the event.

Similarly one may want to discover relevant special occurrences, holidays, anniversaries, celebrity birthdates, religious observances, sporting events, and more from around the world and tie an event to it. Doing so may increase media exposure for your event. 

Local news and calendar resources will be your best bet to discover what goes on in your own community. Look at your local newspaper and television station event calendars. If your community has venues and theatres, look at their websites to see any scheduled concerts, performances and sporting events. The local convention and visitor bureau may have a calendar featuring conferences and community events. In recent years, many websites have popped up claiming to be the resource for events; however most lack a comprehensive list and focus on a specific event type. 

On a national and international level, there is one resource you can’t be without. The Chase’s Calendar of Events is the authoritative guide to events librarians, marketers, journalists, event planners and other professionals have come to rely on it to find out what’s going on that day, in a week, or even a year ahead. Chase's Calendar of Events is the most comprehensive and authoritative reference available on special events, worldwide holidays and festivals, civic observances, historic anniversaries, famous birthdays and much more.

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