Iconic Art Deco Property Meets State of the Art Video Mapping System

Situated in the heart of South Beach, The Temple House is an iconic Art Deco property designed by internationally recognized L. Murray Dixon (1901-1949). Formerly a synagogue and largest private residence in South Beach, the 16,000 square feet Temple House was gutted, re-imagined and re-purposed into a gorgeous blank canvas for events.

The Temple House is an alternative to the bland hotel ballroom or meeting room. What makes it unique is a state-of-the-art video mapping system. “It is one of the largest, permanent video mapping installations located in a private venue anywhere in the world,” said Daniel Davidson, Chief Event Officer at The Temple House. “14 projectors transform the space into 360-degree experiences, inviting meeting and event planners to create one-of-a-kind environments for their events.”

The Temple House Video Mapping at Eventinterface
The Temple House

Video mapping seamlessly projects high-resolution imagery on to the walls and ceiling of the event space. The technology allows planners to transport their attendees to any city in the world. Custom imagery can take them on a journey to a rain forest, outer space, the desert, snow covered mountain tops, or on a hot air balloon ride without ever leaving the room.

The Temple House Video Mapping at Eventinterface
A 360-degree experience.

Shows can be created in as little as 24-hours and the sky is the limit. “For the launch of a new car, we could place that car in our room and with our video technology transport that car into New York City, the rainforest, the desert, giving guests the impression that the car is traveling through these environments,” said Davidson.

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The Temple House Video Mapping at Eventinterface
Another 360-degree experience

The Temple House is a fully equipped event venue with a full commercial kitchen and access to a handful of the best chefs in the region. The venue is ideally suited for events of 150 to 250 guests, but can welcome more than 650 guests. It is no coincidence that the venue may look familiar. It has been used for countless television shows and movies, and has starred amongst others in One Direction’s music video “Best Song Ever.”

More information here. http://www.thetemplehouse.com/
Phone: 305-673-2526

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Photographs courtesy of The Temple House.

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