More Non-Traditional Venues

In follow-up to our March 17 post about using non-traditional event venues, we asked meeting and event planners to share their favorites. Here are two unique and definitely non-traditional venues in our ongoing series about the subject. 

Palo Alto – Barcelona, Spain

An industrial complex founded in late 19th century by entrepreneurs Ramon Gal and Joan Puigsech, and designed by architect Antoni Vila i Bruguera. In 1990, after having been divided in small workspaces, artists began establishing themselves there and renamed it Palo Alto. The venue is now occupied by a variety of artists and new-age businesses.

Palo Alto, Barcelona Spain Eventinterface

Scott Doane, owner at Fresh Activities Ltd, has used the venue for an awards event. “It is a gorgeous place, with the feeling of its rich history all around you, yet rustic, not opulent. You do have to bring in all of the items you need for your event, from lighting to supplemental power,” said Doane.

More about Palo Alto.

Fernbank Museum of Natural History - Atlanta, GA

Joel Feingold Presents at EventinterfaceJoel A. Feingold with Joel Feingold Presents shares “Oh this is easy! Even though I have produced shows in superb performing arts venues such as Symphony Hall, Boston, many glorious private homes, sporting venues such as the Whistler Sliding Centre, one of the museum events stands alone. In Atlanta for a vision conference my customer wanted to entertain their clients, physicians mostly. We rented the Fernbank Museum of Natural History. In the main atrium we built a stage and installed about 100 linear feet of 30' tall black velour theatrical drape for acoustic modification. The atrium was all fossil laden limestone with a glass wall to the exterior. On stage we presented Little Feat, who performed about 10' from a humongous Brontosaurus skeleton. Most of the crowds watched through the legs of the beast!”

More about the Fernbank Museum of Natural History.

Tell us about using a non-traditional venue, or if you manage a non-traditional venue by sending us a message here. We may include it in a future post.

Lead in photo Fernbank Museum of Natural History. Photograph by Raftermen Photography.
Palo Alto photograps courtesy of the venue.
Fernbank Museum of Natural History event photo courtesy of Joel Feingold Presents.