Need To Hire Event Staff? Now What?

Kyle Jolly an Account Manager with National Event Staffing, an event staging company joins Event TALK to talk about best practices in the hiring and managing of on site event staff.

Listen to Eric Dye & Kyle Jolly discuss the following:

- As we are talking about event staffing in this interview, can you share with our listeners what your experience is with this topic?

- As planners consider bringing on outside event staff, what are the things they should think about before starting the recruitment process, or before they contact a company like yours?

- At times budgets are tough and planners consider volunteers vs. paid professional staff. Can you give our listeners some advice on how to best manage this? Pros/cons?

- What are some of the biggest mistakes planners make in the planning for/or hiring event staff & how can those mistakes be avoided?

- As you bring on outside event staff or volunteers, who carries the responsibility to manage the staff, who takes the liability. What are best practices in this area?

- What are your top 3 pieces of advice you want to leave our listeners with as they plan for the hiring of event staff?


Kyle Jolly is an Account Manager with National Event Staffing, an event staging company. In the past 8 years he has worked with clients across North America managing the staffing for small and large-scale projects. There are often times when he is required to be onsite at an event to help manage a project. He is originally from Toronto, Canada but now travels between Los Angeles and Toronto.

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