Potty Talk

Summer is only a few months away and many planners are in the final throws of coordinating outdoor festivals, concerts and sporting events. Most likely you will have to bring in restroom facilities for your attendees. So yes, we’re potty talking today. We’re sharing some handy tools to plan for the right amount of restrooms for a variety of event types.


1. Expected number of attendees.
2. Type of event, is there alcohol served or not?
3. Will more than 50% of attendees be women?


How many portable restrooms are needed for an event

Number of portable restrooms listed above are for events where no alcohol is served. Serve alcohol and add about 15% more toilets.

Is your event is attended by more than 50% women? Then you should increase your order by 1 for each 100 guests if alcohol is served, or 1 for each 200 guests if no alcohol is served.

One must have at least 1 stall designed for handicap use per cluster of toilets. That usually comes out to 10% of your total order.

Also consider the number of hand washing stations you will need. They are mandatory in food service areas. Check with you local Health and Safety Departments for specific requirements in your area.


1. Does your event provide ample locations to spread out the restroom facilities?
2. Depending on the duration of the event, will your facilities need to be serviced? If so, is there access for the maintenance vehicles to reach the facilities?
3. Does your event have overnight camping? Many festivals do. You will need to schedule maintenance to insure your facilities remain usable.
4. You must have separate facilities and hand washing stations for staff, food handlers and backstage.