The $25,000 event planner mistake

A few years ago, I was contracted to manage a conference. The client realized they got themselves into a bit of a pickle and needed some help. The mostly volunteer committee had not realized how much work it would be to plan a successful conference. I came on board only a few months before the event.

One of my first tasks was to review what was already in place, committed to and contracts signed. Within minutes I noticed a massive mistake. The organization had guaranteed - in writing - the presenting sponsor a specific exhibit location in order to receive sponsorship funds. Knowing the location, I realized that the ballroom would not be able to hold the exhibitor materials, it was impossible to get the materials into the room, let alone on the second floor. The organization was not in a position to refund sponsorship funds, but we worked with the sponsor on a compromise that ended up costing the organization an extra $25,000 at the venue. With a bit of planning knowledge this could have been prevented. Organizing an event, conference, or fundraising gala is a complicated and high-risk job with the potential of losing thousands when a mistake is made.

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