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Started in 2016, Selffees incorporates exclusive technology using FDA-certified edible ink to print selfies directly onto cookies or coffee without the use of sugar paper, traditionally used to transfer photographs onto food. A hit at events, planners invite attendees to download the Selffees app, attendees then take a selfie that will be printed on demand, at the event.

The New York-based company can host the service anywhere and provide the Selffees experience for up to 2,000 attendees per event. Selffees has been used at corporate events, conferences, activations, staff parties, birthday parties, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. from ataboy films on Vimeo.

Definitely playing on the selfie craze, Selffees has taken this trend and transformed it into a fun and engaging event experience. It allows event and conference planners to deliver a unique activity, and step out of the traditional event dessert concept by offering customized cookies and iced-coffees to participants. The team is testing a number of new food products for launch later this year.

Selfee at Eventinterface

The company was co-founded by Farsh Kanji and David Weiss. Farsh Kanji spent the last 11 years in healthcare. He built, then sold his multidisciplinary wellness clinic. While at the clinic he helped uplift his surrounding community and coached them to better living. As a side project, he ran a men’s outerwear start-up and an events business. People describe Farsh as having an entrepreneurial mind, a philanthropic heart and a people­-first value orientation. With an artistic eye, he incorporates visual sensibilities into his growing portfolio of work.

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Co-Founder David Weiss set his sights on horticulture after 6 years directing a sales team at a top New York fashion house. After successfully building and then selling a commercial greenhouse business, David returned to New York City to bridge the gap between experiential food and fun with Selffee. He has a proven track record in launching new products and services, and continues to follow his passion of spreading joy through innovation in the food industry.

For more information and to book Selffee for your event visit their website. The investment for the planner to hire the company for an event or conference is based on guest numbers, location, event duration, and the type of product wanted.

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