To RFP or Not!

Christy Lamagna, the Founder and Chief Strategist of Strategic Meetings & Events joins us on the latest episode of Event TALK to discuss the event RFP process.

Listen to host Eric Dye and Christy Lamagna discuss the following:

- Why should event and meeting planners use RFPs?

- Is there a reason planners should not use RFPs?

- What are the essential pieces of a great Request for Proposals (RFPs)?

- What tools do you use or recommend to manage the process?

- In general, do you conduct the RFP process yourself, work through a local convention and visitors bureau, or other? 

- If you could give your respondents advice on what not to do in responding to an RFP, what would that be?

- Once the responses are in, how do you evaluate the responses?

- Your top 3 tips in the creation and management of the RFP process for an event or meeting?


About our guest:

Christy Lamagna is the Founder and Chief Strategist of Strategic Meetings & Events, an event planning company that specializes in producing events that achieve clients’ marketing and sales goals. With an ability to see the big picture while simultaneously understanding events down to the minutia, Christy’s ability to create, market and execute programs has made her a leader in the industry.

A former Vice President of a Fortune 20 company and a member of five start-up organizations, Christy has built successful marketing, event, travel, and tradeshow, departments for companies while simultaneously helping them create or strengthen their brands and the infrastructure that supports them.

Christy teaches event and meeting management classes at a college level and is working on an industry textbook focusing on the science of strategic planning. Christy speaks at industry events whenever possible as a way of giving back.

Learn more about Christy's company here