Top Advice For New Event Planners

We asked experienced planners what advice they could share with new event and meeting professionals joining our industry. We received some fantastic guidance from planners and we’re sharing some here.

Joanne Hulme, with South Jersey Party Rentals shares: “I do the best of my ability for each client, try to stay on top of the standards required. I attempt to empower my clients, and assist them in their decision-making process. I stay educated, sometimes I teach, sometimes I attend classes, but my goal is to always learn. No matter what type of planner you are, honesty and integrity never go out of style. The group of vendors I now work with is a smaller group of people as personally vested in my clients' success as I am.” Joanne has 45 years of industry experience.

Dianna K. Shitanishi, CPCE, CMP shares: “Continually educate yourself to keep abreast of current trends and products. Network with other industry professionals, as they will be your resources and/or source of referrals. Pay attention to all of the "little' details so your clients know that you are on top of everything. If you keep missing things they discussed with you, they will lose confidence.” Dianna is the Owner and Director of Special Events at Hawaii Weddings and Events

Sharon McCullough, President at Expert Events shares: “Cultivate strong relationships with all of the vendors required for an event, they are your support system as you are for your client and with good mutual respect and trust they will always be there for you. I'd also share that being calm and unflappable onsite goes a long way, deal with multiple things concurrently, but don't appear overwhelmed or anxious. Everyone who needs to take direction from you will feel the energy and also know that you have everything under control. If you develop that reputation, then when you do need to be firm, you will be taken seriously.”

Harris Schanhaut, CME shares: “When you are asked to do an event, ask why. Why do you want to do this event? What are the measurable objectives you hope to attain from it? Then design the event experience to achieve those measurable objectives.

Lisa Carroll with In Charge of "What's Next?" - Savor Projects simple but wise advice is: “Always go the extra mile!

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