Top Tips For Successful Tradeshow Participation

Many conferences offer opportunities to showcase products and services. These offer an ideal opportunity for a business to get exposure to an attentive audience. According to the Center for Exhibit Industry Research it costs 63% less to close a lead generated from a tradeshow than one generated through other means. So therefore it is essential that your participation in a show is well planned, executed and followed up with.

Our top tips for successful tradeshow participation:

1. Select the right show or conference to participate in. Make sure the people in attendance are your actual prospects.

2. Promote your attendance pre-show with attendees and prospects. Schedule appointments in advance and invite prospects to visit your booth.

3. Set clear objectives for your participation. Those could be a number of leads collected, orders processed, product research, launch a product or increase visibility for your product or service.

4. Keep it simple. Its better to have a large graphic that can be seen from a distance, and simple text that can easily be understood. Your exhibit should meet your company or organization’s branding guidelines always.

5. Let people interact with your product or services. Let them touch, feel, smell and experience it.  

6. Use gimmicks wisely. Not everyone loves giveaways, consider contests, offer chair massages or refreshments. Just make sure your giveaways are appropriate for the audience and meet your brand guidelines.

7. Staff you booth with employees who understand your product or service, and have a good understanding of your tradeshow participation goals.

8. Once back at the office make follow-up a priority.

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