What Makes For A Stellar Event?

We asked planners around the world via LinkedIn Groups to share with us their opinion. Our question “What make for a stellar event?” drew answers from a wide variety of event planners and entertainers. Some gave one-word answers, other went into great detail, and we appreciate them all. Two common themes developed reading through the answers.  Communication and engagement were named more than any other metric.

Here is some of the valuable feedback provided by respondents.

Identifying the GOAL of the event and exceeding it in every way will set the course for a stellar event. This is different for every client: great party, corporate community enhancement, brand identity, etc.  Communicating with your client to identify their goals will create an easy path to a stellar event as well as what the event should look and feel like.
Jessica L. Zeidler, Design Operations Manager and Senior Sales Coordinator
A Joy Wallace Catering, Design & Special Events

Communication is a highway that runs in both directions. Communicate with your attendees, customers, sponsors, venue staff, and your own team members. Ask for feedback every step of the way.”
Diane Maglaque, Event Coordinator
Monte Zucker Photographic Education.

It is about building the right foundation, and then adding the WOW!
Tahira Endean, CMP, BHM.

Communication, responsiveness and knowledge of a given task.”
Sara Norris, Catering Sales Manager
Hawthorne Hotel.

Meeting your clients’ goals and objectives and exceeding their expectations.”
Jayna Monroe, CMP, CWP, Co-Owner,

Harris Schanhaut, CME states that in order for an event to be stellar one must insure that the participants are completely enthralled. After the event is over, the key stakeholders must feel the same when analyzing the results.

For Carling Dinkler III, Founding Partner and Owner of Custom Convention; Co-Partner Tailored Tours the location, great food and atmosphere are on the must be list for an event to be stellar.  

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- Al Wynant

Photograph: Miele Catwalk by Ghent Street Style