SOCIAL IMPACT TRACK: Innovative partnerships to leverage the UNSDGs

June 16, 2020: 10 p.m. - 10:30 p.m. BST

In this new landscape, the UNSDGs remain a crucial framework to follow to address inequality and create systemic change across the globe. How has using the USDGs and approaching them changed in this new normal? The answer was before COVID and remains the same: partnerships. We cannot solve the world's problems alone and collaboration is crucial.

This session will look at the UNSDGs through the current landscape's lense and offer input as to where the UN is heading around communicating the UNSDGs and how partners are and can work together to address them in this new situation. What's different, what's the same and where and how can sport help?

Session Leaders:

Mila Rosenthal - Director of Communications and Advocacy at the United Nations Development Programme

Adam Met - Singer, AJR & Director, Sustainable Partners Inc.