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Do you have content to share and/or books to sell? Would you like to generate additional revenue from materials you have already created or will create? Reach new audiences and build your sphere of influence? Ingomu invites speakers, coaches, trainers and consultants to monetize and grow engagement around your expertise.

This isn't a simple e-learning platform where students watch a video. Ingomu offers students the opportunity to consume a growing library of content and be group-coached by the best, and even earn continued education credits for each expert community subscribed to.


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Getting started is free, Ingomu only charges a percentage of the sale, you keep most of the revenue, as it should be.


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When published, we will partner with you in the promotion of your expert community. You start engaging with your community, build influence, generate revenue and grow your community. Even share your unique link with your audiences at speaking engagements, promoting long-term engagement.

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