Eventinterface Launches Certified User Program

The Eventinterface Certified User Program is an opportunity for Event and Meeting Planners to be recognized as leaders in their community as well as earn benefits and rewards. Certification is based on platform use and active participation in the Eventinterface community.

“Our planner clients bring an amazing amount of talent and experience to the table not only in planning events but also in the use of our platform,” said Al Wynant, Eventinterface CEO. “So many of our clients greatly benefit from this community, and our planners are incredibly supportive of other planners, happy to share information and lessons learned. Building this community of Certified Users is an extension of our commitment to building the best community possible for planners using our platform,” said Wynant.

Qualification is open to Eventinterface clients. To become and remain an Eventinterface Certified User, planners must collect a minimum of 50 certification points annually.

Here is how you can collect points:

  • Plan one single session event a: 5 points;
  • Plan one multi-session event b: 10 points;
  • Attend one online Eventinterface workshop: 5 points;
  • Attend a live Eventinterface workshop (in person or remotely): 10 points;
  • Submit an article for our blog: 10 points;
  • Speak at an Eventinterface event: 15 points;
  • Refer a new client: 25 points awarded when client signs up;
  • Engage with us on social media: 1 point per social media like or follow on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram for a maximum of 6 points;
  • Repost or re-tweet an Eventinterface post on social media: 0.25 points per repost or re-tweet;

Certification levels:

  • 50 Points = Eventinterface Certified User – One Star Badge
  • 75 Points = Eventinterface Senior Certified User – Two Star Badge
  • 100 Points = Eventinterface Top Certified User – Three Star Badge Badge

   Eventinterface Certified User Badge Eventinterface Senior Certified User Badge Eventinterface top certified user badge

What are the benefits of becoming an Eventinterface Certified User?

  • Industry-wide recognition of your competence on the Eventinterface platform.
  • Recognition of your Eventinterface Certified User status via badge that can be displayed on your profile, social media profiles, business cards and Eventinterface website profile.
  • Ability to attend Eventinterface User Conference at a reduced cost or free, depending on your Certification Level (Level 3: 50% discount; Level 2: 75% discount; Level 1: 100% discount).
  • Confidence in your ability to maximize the Eventinterface platform.
  • Official Eventinterface Certified User framed certificate.
  • Opportunity to be invited to speak at the Eventinterface User Conference.
  • Exclusive client resources and benefits sent to you via Eventinterface Certified User emails.

How can you get started?
The program has officially started and any activity beginning July 1, 2015 forward will be counted towards certification. There is nothing you have to do to sign up. Participation is automatic for active Eventinterface clients; however, if you haven’t yet liked us or are not following us on social media, start today! That’s a quick 6 points! Here are the links: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+Pinterest.

Reach out to us at MemberServices@Eventinterface.com or connect with your Eventinterface contact directly.

a. A single session event is an event that does not include breakout sessions or multiple tracks. A sample could be a luncheon event or workshop.
b. A multi-session event is an event that includes multiple tracks or sessions with the planner using the program feature to share session details.