Generate More Event Revenue Using Technology

Events do not always reach their revenue potential. Technology can help planners successfully generate more income from events while making the program more valuable to attendees. How can this be done?


Help attendees get more out of their experience. Technology helps attendees connect with each other, with speakers, sponsors and exhibitors. Starting the engagement process early with your attendees will generate a higher level of excitement, resulting in higher registration numbers. Technology can be used to create private or public communities around the event, which can be maintained post-event. Keeping your audience engaged throughout the year, not just at the conference will automatically result in higher participation, and therefore revenue.


Not all stakeholders can attend a conference. Many conferences collect a wealth of data such as speaker abstracts, presentations and video. Many people who did not attend the conference may still want access to this data. For associations with thousands of members this offers an ideal opportunity to extend the registration options to include access to data and presentations post-conference. Planners using Eventinterface to do just that have generated 30% more revenue for their conferences.


Sponsorship has evolved beyond banners and logo placement. Granted, those items are still part of the overall strategy, however sponsors are looking for ways to connect directly with attendees earlier. Technologies such as Eventinterface allow sponsors and attendees to engage with each other, pre-, during and post-event. Access to attendees to schedule appointments at the event, offer customizable benefits, and opportunities to text offers during the event are now commonplace strategies. Planners may have to invest in technology to meet these needs; however the return on investment is worth the effort.  Sponsors will invest more in you if you provide the opportunities for them to engage with the attendees.

Learn more about how Eventinterface can help you generate more revenue for your events here.