Improving The Event Planner's Work Life

Meeting and Event Professionals have a difficult task to track all aspects of the event planning and management process. Talented and well-meaning designers have developed many of the software tools and apps on the market for us. Rarely however have any of them been in the trenches. What does this mean to us planners?

With more than 25 years of international experience, and having planned events for as many as 125,000 attendees, we’ve been in the trenches – a lot. We have learned how technology can make the life of Event and Meeting Professionals easier, and today we wanted to share some of that experience and tips in helping you make the right technology decisions.

We know what we want, we understand what our clients want and we are determined to deliver! Many of the technology tools however are not designed to be as flexible as we desire. To deliver 100% on our vision we need a budget that would allow for custom event technology, and that however is unrealistic for most. So what are we to do?

We do have our own vocabulary that may sound like a different language to outsiders. BEOs, attrition, plus plus, CVB, DMC, ETA and more! When working with sales teams at technology companies we learn quite fast that we may be misunderstood. We attempt to solve a problem for our event, but the other side doesn’t quite understand what it takes to manage my event. If I am not understood, can the solution deliver?

Planning events takes time. It is not just about the registrations. It is about customer service, hospitality, logistics, content gathering and distribution and so much more. Events are complicated puzzles that take an enormous amount of time, resources and energy to plan.  If a technology solution only supports a small part of my job, is it worth the investment? What solution can I implement to truly save time and increase efficiency?


  1. Understand what your true needs are. What are your or your clients’ top 3 must haves in a tech solution? What problem are you really trying to solve?
  2. Define your budget.
  3. Understand you audience but don’t underestimate it. Its unfair to assume your audience isn’t sophisticated enough to buy and engage online. 80% of the online population has shopped online. In the United States alone there were more than 200 million online shoppers in 2014, and that numbers continues to grow. 
  4. Think outside of the box and reason through how a tech solution can help you generate more revenue, i.e. pay for itself and more. How it can increase your attendee engagement, and how it can make your job more efficient. Using one solution versus a fragmented set of tools will greatly increase those benefits. One end-to-end planning tool will increase your efficiency and decrease overall event cost.
  5. Will the technology tool become a valued member of your team or yet another tool for you to manage? How easy is it to use?
  6. When researching discuss your top 3 must haves and listen how the sales person guides you through the process. Do they really understand events? Have they been in the trenches? If so, you have a winner!

Want to learn how the Eventinterface event management platform can help you? Eventinterface has been designed by planners for planners. We have been in the trenches! Sign up for a demo today here and see how we can improve your work life.