Its Actually Easy Being Green

For a few years now “being green” has been all the rage. There is nothing wrong with it; however are we being “green” because of a trend, or because it can make a meaningful difference to our environment?

We believe it’s the latter. With even the smallest adjustments we can impact our environment in a positive way. In this post we’re sharing our top tips for being “green” easily. You can call this the baby steps. We’ll get into the heavy-duty initiatives in a later post.


1. Serve pitchers of filtered water at water stations versus bottled water. Use biodegradable cups or glasses. Some conferences provide attendees with a reusable water bottle attendees take home post-conference.

2. Insure your event has recycling bins placed with or near trash bins, and make sure that the venue actually recycles.

3. Share event materials digitally instead of in print. Shameless plug! With Eventinterface you can share all event materials, presentations, video and documents pre-, during, and post-conference for viewing on computers, tablets and smart phones, eliminating the need to print, saving money and being “green.”

4. Use local vendors for food, and find out if the venue donates or recycles unused food items. Order only what you need! In the event the venue does not donate or recycle, ask catering to take any leftovers to housekeeping, maintenance, and staff at the venue. They’ll love it.

5. Turn off lights when you leave the room!

6. Ask attendees to recycle nametags, programs, handouts, bags, etc. when leaving the event. Recycle and donate what can be donated to a local nonprofit.

What are your top tips for being “green”? Share with us on Facebook or Twitter at #EIGreenEventTips