Submitting Your Event Stories To The Press.

Cindy Miller, Editor of The Red Book and, an established, highly regarded directory for those involved in the philanthropic community joins this episode of Event TALK. Cindy will be discussing how to build successful media relationships and submitting your event stories to the press.

Listen to Eric Dye & Cindy Miller discuss the following:

- You certainly have the experience both as a print and online editor. Is there a difference in what you are looking for in stories pitched by event planners between the different mediums?

What makes for a good pitch & what are editors looking for in order to consider a story worthy of publication?

In follow-up, can you give me an example of one of the best pitches you ever received?

Planners want to spread their message to as many readers or viewers as possible, but many publications prefer an exclusive. How do you as a planner get around sharing your event successfully with these media outlets so they will share it?

How can planners best develop relationships with editors and or journalists?

What are some of the biggest mistakes a planner can make when pitching a story?

What are your top 3 tips for someone planning an event in dealing with the media?


About our guest:

Cindy Miller’s career as a magazine editor spans 23 years and comprises both print and online media. Her first editor-in-chief assignment was with the successful Arizona Woman magazine, which highlighted Arizona women in business. The publication was founded by an independent publisher and in 2004, after 18 years, was purchased by The Arizona Republic.

At the Republic, she was tabbed to be the founding editor of AZ Society magazine. The publication delivered on its promise to provide vibrant and extensive coverage of the lives, activities and events of the community’s social and philanthropic leaders. During its five-and-a-half years, the magazine was honored to partner with The Red Book, a directory for those involved in the philanthropic community.

When the Republic closed its magazine division, The Red Book was positioned to develop an online magazine,, which would provide content supportive of the nonprofit community and of interest to its philanthropic, high-wealth demographic. Cindy was selected as the editor for both The Red Book and