The Lack Of Conference Childcare, A Barrier For Some

Attending conferences, networking and continued education are keystones of a successful career. When parents with young children are invited to speak at a conference, need to attend an event for work, or take a workshop to retain licensing, and no one is available for childcare, what should they do? Not attending the event would most likely be a bad career move.

In all of my years planning conferences I have rarely seen an effort made by the client to provide on-site childcare. If I was lucky, the resort offered a children’s club, or I was able to include some information on childcare providers vetted by the venue. It was still up to the parent to make all of the arrangements. Slowly employers and planners are becoming aware that not providing quality childcare can be a barrier for some to register.

Shermanda Anderson Ramsay became aware of this just recently. Many people in her circles complained about the lack of childcare at conferences and events. Some even lost their job because their employers were upset they did not attend due to childcare issues. With more than 15 years of licensed and certified childcare experience, Shermanda decided to start Florida-based MOMS Event Solution. The agency provides on-site childcare at conferences and events nationwide. “It is our goal to provide the parent with peace of mind as they attend the conference; and a healthy, loving and safe environment, full of adventure and fun for the children,” said Ramsay.

The service is a worthwhile investment for a conference. MOMS’ charges are based on the number of kids and total hours needed. Typically the fee starts at $200 for 4 hours of service and a dedicated room large enough to host the caretakers and the children.  “This small investment helps increase employee productivity, eliminates excuses not to attend, and gives professionals an opportunity to advance their continued education and success,” said Ramsay.

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Photograps courtesy of MOMS Event Solution.

- Al Wynant