What event takes 5 weeks of setup and sinks a venue 1.5 inches?

This show is perhaps one of the largest live television productions on Earth. 172 trucks are needed to transport the equipment, and it takes a team of 220 people to run the live broadcast.  Welcome to the 61st Annual Eurovision Song Contest.

The Eurovision Song Contest was an annual tradition in my family. It was one of these nights you awaited with anticipation. You were allowed to stay up way past your bedtime.  It was and remains a remarkable event. One of the items eagerly awaited each year by the audience is the stage. It plays a role in helping the performers tell their story. And unlike any other show, this stage must help 26 finalists tell their story.


Just recently I came across an article by Live Design, describing the massive amount of work, talent and material that went into the stage. There are more than 1,800 lighting fixtures, 9,700 square feet high-resolution video screen. The stage weighs 65 tons, and 12 of the world’s largest video projectors are used.

Want to see the whole list. Visit Live Design.