Expert Venue Negotiating Tips

A few weeks ago we addressed top venue negotiating tips. In follow-up we asked planners and venues to share their best tips. In this post we’re sharing some of the very good advice we received. Read the original post here.

Lynn Ng, Business Partner at Events Master advises that you should read the fine print in proposals and contracts carefully.

Listing soft dollar concessions is beneficial to the various stakeholders, and most importantly to your client. Everyone wants to make a specific margin, and keeping a record in a client profile to what the client expects is a good tool. Also, when you book hotels in the same chain you should set up a "concession list" that the chains will keep on your profile for future programs therefore the concessions that you expect are already in place. This saves time in the contract process shares Vicki Funk, Sr. Account Executive at SEI Meetings & Incentives.

The Champlain College Conference & Event Center feels that honesty and fairness are the two most important qualities to have when negotiating with venues.

Becky Contos, Sales and Marketing Manager at the National Automobile Museum believes that honesty and respect should be observed from both sides on both sides. It is critical that the negotiations start from that viewpoint to be successful. As a venue, she feels that if someone is being sincere she will be much more likely to be flexible whenever possible.

Rich Rose, President at AllSport Productions has been on both sides of the desk. He shares it is important that each side feels it achieved at least some of its important points.

Hedd Adams-Lewis with Red Dragon Events has a core belief that when you built up good rapports with people, they will do what they can to help you and that is the ethos his company tries to achieve when dealing with venues, and it works.  

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