Innovative Event Engagement

In an interview at MAC6, a Tempe facility that focuses on assisting startup businesses, we met Al Wynant who runs a company started in 2012 called Eventinterface. It is a cloud-based software company that helps with planning events and encourages people to connect and engage at conferences, meetings, and gatherings. 

 Al Wynant was working in the event planning industry when he realized that people were becoming disconnected from one another.  “Why don’t people talk the way they used to?”  He noticed people are always on their screens and not engaged with the people in the room with them.  Why not use the current technology to help people connect with each other? 

Al Wynant worked with Rod Bridges to develop an idea for software that helps manage events by accomplishing many tasks that would be much more taxing if done by a person. The software can take requests from people planning on being featured at an event, and then process them to make them easier for planners to review. It also manages attendees and helps communicate with them, as well as stores information from a conference or meeting and then sells that information to people that could not attend the event. The software can create digital handouts that are automatically accessible to the event goers to cut down on the amount of paper and ink required. It can also accomplish small tasks that make things easier such as selling registrations. The software originated as a tool to make his previous event planning company easier, but then became the main part of the new company. The company is based in the United States, but it also available in other countries because of its software being accessible online.

Growing up Al Wynant was constantly exposed to the conscious capitalism views that he later found he shared with MAC6. He worked summers in a business that manufactured parts for cars, putting steel plates on machines for the refining process, which had an effect on his work ethic.  He didn’t want to join the family business but was excited to have a business of his own.

When asked what advice he had for young entrepreneurs he said that you should be willing to learn, and to be passionate about what you do, don’t be bored with the job you have, find a job that you will enjoy.  You need to work hard to make your dream happen and make sacrifices, his example was eating ramen noodles for 3 years.!  Al says it’s okay to fail but only if you learn something from your mistakes.  He also advised that you should never be arrogant, always be open to new ideas even if they do sound outrageous.

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By Joe Berkley, Evan Ananian, Thomas Huber and Noah Dakin
STEM Journalist Students at Dobson Montessori School, Arizona