Interviews with Planners

At Eventinterface we love helping Meeting and Event Professionals become excellent in their job. We do this by sharing experiences from other professionals in our Interviews with Planners collective.

We are part of a massive industry, thousands of Meeting and Event Professionals planning hundreds of thousands of conferences and events per year. New people join our ranks daily, some with a planning education, others with little or no experience. As with every career we learn most of what we know on the job. It is for that reason we have started “Interviews with Planners” a collective of event and meeting professionals who share ideas, experiences, and best practices with the planning community.

At Eventinterface it is not only our mission to provide a software platform that enables Meeting and Event Professionals to manage conferences and meetings better, build new revenue streams and allows for powerful communities before, during and after an event. It is also our mission to help planners become excellent in their jobs by learning from other professionals’ successes and failures. We do this by conducting written interviews with planners and sharing the interviews with the planner community.

Interviews with Planners can be found here.

All professional planners or industry vendors are welcome to submit an interview. We ask the same questions of every person submitting and we look to you to provide well thought-out answers. Responses should not be a sales pitch for your company and we may edit responses for brevity. There is no fee to submit your interview or have you interview published; all we ask is that you share your interview with your circle of influence via social media when published.

Download the interview form here and submit the completed interview as instructed on the form. We look forward to sharing your experiences.

Interviews with Planners can be found here.