Make your attendees part of the conversation

Eventinterface has partnered with Tap To Speak to provide conference attendees with the technology to easily communicate in real time with speakers straight from our platform’s program and itinerary tool.

In the past, attendees had to raise their hands and wait for a microphone to be passed. Now apps are coming on the market to turn mobile devices into microphones, connecting attendees with speakers. Eventinterface is taking this a step further by partnering with Tap To Speak and including this function into second-screen technology allowing attendees to use any device as a tool to connect with presenters directly, and participate in polls and surveys without the need to download a third party app. 

Al Wynant Eventinterface event technology for meeting and event professionals“We want to make the process as easy as possible for planners and attendees. There is an overabundance of apps on the market, each with a distinct functionality. The need to implement multiple apps can become cumbersome, confusing and cost-prohibitive. Including this functionality into our already robust program and content distribution module of Eventinterface allows attendees to engage directly with speakers without having to download yet another app. We offer one click connection from within the session or program. The integration also offers an opportunity for planners to poll sessions and event attendees, and data can be projected in real time in the meeting room. The partnership with Tap To Speak aligns with our plan to continue developing Eventinterface into a tool that meets all the needs of the planner and the attendee, either by developing our own tools or partnering with stellar companies such as Tap to Speak.” -- Al Wynant CEO and Co-Founder of Eventinterface.

Marek Wawrzyniak Tap to Speak"We care about event planners. That is the reason why we partnered with Eventinterface, a world-class, conference planning and engagement platform. We recognize the heavy lifting that Eventinterface does for the event planners. Tap To Speak wants to help them maximize the value of events that their attendees receive. Our innovative technology not only has the "cool factor" of turning smartphones into microphones but the event planners who used Tap To Speak report a 400% boost in audience engagement during their live events. We seamlessly integrate into Eventinterface's event program and itinerary feature - turning the audience mobile devices into feedback machines. This way, Eventinterface and Tap To Speak provide real-time audio and text communication, polls & surveys. This important partnership keeps the event planners in mind. The combination of our respective areas of expertise in combination with modern event technology gives even more power to event planners to make their events even better." -- Marek Wawrzyniak, CEO and Co-founder of Tap To Speak.

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About Eventinterface
Eventinterface is a full-featured and cost-effective platform to manage and engage attendees while providing measurable ROI for all stakeholders. Eventinterface was founded on the belief that event technology should be affordable for all planners, provide a comprehensive and easy to use toolset, and help facilitate exceptional human connections. 

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About Tap to Speak
Tap To Speak is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company based in Phoenix, Ariz., and Lodz, Poland that provides a web-based tool through which live event audiences can communicate with event leaders and speakers in real-time. We turn smartphones in the room into microphones, which enable live audio and text communication, and the ability to carry out surveys or polls, increasing audience engagement during events better than ever.

Lead in photograph courtesy of Tap to Speak.

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