More Non-Traditional Venue Inspirations

The ideas keep pouring in. When we asked planners to share their favorite non-traditional venues, they shared abundantly. In this post we’re sharing a few more.

Ken Clayton, Director at RefTech once hosted a car launch event on a cruise ship. The venue was a novelty for the client. Heavy winds resulted in the need to bolt the set to the deck of the ship, and attendees were not able to go ashore to drive the cars. Other than that, the event was a success. Non-traditional venues require non-traditional preparation.

Bruno Marx, an expert for excellence in event venues suggests using airports. Most have conference facilities and they sometimes have unusual event capacities for any event type. He has done several events at airports and the backdrop provided by the surroundings is amazing.

David Palka, vice president of marketing at The AV Guys suggests SeaWorld. It has several places that he considers unique such as the Penguin Encounter and Shark Encounter. They however bring their own challenges. “Once, prior to an elegant dinner a huge grouper was devoured by the sharks, luckily the water cleared up in time for the event,” said Palka.

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