Planners Have Spoken: Technology Must-Haves For Meetings Success

Event planners have added Wi-Fi quality and availability to their list of “must-haves” when selecting a venue, according to The Incentive Research Foundation (IRF), which summarized the results of a qualitative study carried out by a team of graduate students from New York University’s Preston Robert Tisch Center for Hospitality, Tourism, and Sports Management. The study explores how Wi-Fi, virtual gatherings, social media, mobile apps, and the like help meetings achieve corporate goals and objectives, specifically examining what drives the adoption of various technologies and any impediments to their use. The study reports that planners say technology has become a major determinant for site selection as they realize that the technology infrastructure at a venue can determine the success or failure of that event.

Highlights of the findings include:

- Wi-Fi connections are the single-most important feature for planners and venue hosts.

- Social media has great appeal to incentive event planners to engage, build communities and market.

- Mobile apps are viewed as a benefit to distributing materials and to maintain contact.

- “Virtual meetings” will not replace face-to-face meetings.

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As reported by Insurance and Financial Meetings Management Magazine.