The Secret To Unforgettable Events

Phoenix-based event planner Daniel Duran, the Events Coordinator with the Arizona Charter Schools Association and owner of Duran Events joins Event TALK again to talk about the secret weapon of event and meeting planners “Hospitality” and how to use it to create stellar experiences for your guests.

Listen to host Eric Dye and Daniel Duran discuss the following:

  • Define “hospitality” as it relates to events and meeting?
  • Why is “hospitality” such an important part of events and meetings?
  • How do you incorporate the principal of hospitality in the planning process?
  • Can you share a few examples of how you implement hospitality at your events?
  • What are your top three tips to insure that planners get hospitality right at their events?


About our guest:
Daniel Duran, Events Coordinator for the Arizona Charter Schools Association and owner of Duran Events has been in the event planning field for a decade. He has worked on events of all sizes for numerous nonprofits. He has worked in catering and conference services in the hotel industry, and owns an event planning company focused on weddings and social events. Daniel’s heart lies in serving people and working in the nonprofit sector, which has led him to the Arizona Charter Schools Association, a nonprofit based in Phoenix, Arizona, supporting, advocating and leading the way on the mission of student equity in Arizona.
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