The surefire way to engage all your attendees.

Most conferences and events attract a diverse audience. Finding ways to fully engage these audiences may seem daunting. One activity has been proven to successfully bring all attendees together with unparalleled success.

When the economy collapsed in 2008 many companies required employees to do more without being compensated. David Jacobson, Founder of TrivWorks, saw a unique opportunity to create a program that would bring these stressed employees together and reward them for their hard work. David developed an uncanny ability to boost morale, increase collaboration and overall engagement by employing trivia games.

TrivWorks, started in 2006 in New York City. It now produces high-energy and collaborative live trivia events nationwide. “Trivia events are a surefire way to engage all attendees at your conference,” said Jacobson. “By fully tailoring the trivia experience to the audience you have a unique opportunity to touch each and every attendee, making them feel included and engaged.”

David Jacobson, Founder of TrivWorks, attendee engagement at EventinterfaceWith bar trivia nights being popular, many bar trivia hosts are willing to bring their trivia game to you. In reality it is not that simple. It is key that you evaluate the vendor on his or her ability to customize the program to your audience. Would you trust the vendor to perform for your highest-level VIP attendee, the CEO and partners? Does the vendor have access to professional talent? What is the experience level, and who has hired the vendor in the past? What is the feedback from other clients?

In hiring a company like TrivWorks, planners must know what they want to accomplish with the activity. Are the objectives to improve collaboration? Building trust? Team building? A good vendor will want to know right from the start to insure they can customize the program and deliver on your short and long-term goals.

Some common goals:

  • Team morale boost;
  • Introducing new team members;
  • Bringing teams together after a merger;
  • Improve teamwork;
  • Develop communication skills;

One of the reasons trivia events are successful is that they can be customized by incorporating key facts about a company or organization, products and even the attendees themselves, making this type of activity ideal for diverse audiences, regardless of age, managerial level or background.

“It is important to understand your audience,” said Jacobson. “If you have a large international group, then your questions should not be about U.S. pop culture. It is key that your questions are accessible to all attendees in the audience. Again, customization is the key to success, and this helps us touch each individual in the room.”  

It is rare at conferences that you hear attendees talk about the previous evening’s entertainment at breakfast. Attendees have moved on to the next session, workshop or exhibit booth. An engaging trivia event will generate the opposite effect. Attendees will talk about it for days to come. These types of events generally score high on attendee satisfaction surveys, one way to measure the success.

Should the planner have elected to develop goals that are more long term, such as team work or improving communications skills, then improvements can easily be compared using pre-conference data versus post-event data.

“TrivWorks was started right at the beginning of the mobile revolution,” said Jacobson. “The concept however is for the conference attendees to put away their smartphones, unplug and be in the moment with their fellow participants. As the world moves more and more into the realm of digital communications, being in a room with people, totally disconnected from technology doing something fun and collaborate is something our attendees crave.”

TrivWorks is a corporate entertainment and team building company specializing exclusively in live, fully-customized trivia events. The company tailors every event to the specific group and goals, guaranteeing a highly enjoyable and competitive experience which is smart, memorable and impactful. TrivWorks employs high-level emcees, celebrities, comedians and magicians to deliver trivia events.

TrivWorks website:
Phone: (855)874-8967

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Photographs courtesy of TrivWorks.


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