Three ways to use Eventinterface you had not thought about before

Eventinterface is a full-featured conference and event management platform for meeting and conference planners. There are however a few ways you can use the platform you may have never thought of before. Today we are sharing three.

Digital schwag bags

With Eventinterface you no longer need to print out piles of materials, handouts, brochures and coupons. You can now add all of these digitally to your attendee’s event account. Share digital coupons with registered attendees for specials at the conference venue, share deals from participating sponsors and more. And you can even share metrics with your sponsors and exhibitors.

Lead generation has never been easier

Using the Eventinterface name badges with the QR-Code enabled; attendees, sponsors and exhibitors can scan badges and add contact information directly to their mobile device address book. All they need is a QR-Code reader, available for free in their smart phone’s app store. There is no longer a need to invest in expensive onsite scanning equipment and everyone can participate. Your sponsors and exhibitors especially love this feature.

Generate more revenue for your conferences with SMS messaging

The integrated SMS feature allows you to update attendees at any time, but did you know that some planners are using this feature to drive traffic to sponsors and exhibitors? Offer the opportunity to your sponsors and exhibitors for a fee, and generate more revenue for your conference. You can announce a special sale or drawing via SMS driving attendees to a sponsor or exhibitor, a win for all.

More uses at: 5 Ways To Use Eventinterface You Never Thought Of Before.

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