Using Soft Skills to Create Successful Events

Emotional intelligence, well-being and happiness are soft skills meeting and event planners can employ to make events and conferences more successful. In this podcast, Maura Sweeney, recipient of the prestigious Women of the Decade Award for Personal Leadership by the Women Economic Forum shares her top tips for implementing these soft skills in the planning and execution of meetings and events. 


Listen to host Al Wynant and guest Maura Sweeney discuss the following:

  • What are soft skills? 
  • Concrete examples on how meeting and event professionals can employ soft skills into the planning and execution of meetings and events.
  • The measurable benefits of employing soft skills into a conference.
  • What skills to employ, meeting the need of diverse audiences.
  • How planners can use these skills to make their events more attractive, and how to best communicate this with prospect attendees. 
  • Top three takeaways.



As a decorated manager at two national corporations, Maura Sweeney learned years ago that successful leaders need to understand and apply the "feel good" element if they want to enjoy SUSTAINABLE success and employ the powerful unseen energies inherent in these soft skills. Today, she deploys that corporate leadership experience to help business professionals, leadership conferences, universities, women's organizations and others discover and tap into the positive powers inherent in happiness, well-being and emotional intelligence. With a mantra of "Living Happy - Inside Out," Maura deploys paradigm shifting thoughts on leadership and influence as author, podcaster, HuffPost blogger, international speaker and creator of an immersive self-study for emotional intelligence. A world traveler, Maura has visited 60 countries and has been featured hundreds of times in the media for her engaging, thought-provoking, story-based narratives. She has been a featured keynote on the hidden keys to influence and successful and sustainable leadership in both the United States and abroad. She is also a recent recipient of the prestigiousWoman of the Decade Award for Personal Leadership by the Women Economic Forum.


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