Dra. Aury Curbelo

CEO of Digetech a Cyber Security and Digital Forensic Consulting Firm at Digetech

Panel Desde la Perspectiva Legal


My name is Aury and I am an accomplished professional with a comprehensive Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics background. I have strong expertise in developing IT security procedures across multiple industries. I also have experience functioning as a HIPAA Security Consultant and collaborating with law enforcement digital forensics investigations.
During my career, I have consistently exemplified leadership abilities in developing security programs; executing data security policies and disaster recovery strategies; and building cohesive teams. I am also an articulate communicator with natural expertise in delivering insightful presentations on information security topics to executive management and sizable audiences.

I have excellent academic qualifications, including doctoral and master’s degrees in information technology, in addition to multiple prestigious industry certifications such as Information Security Professional Practices (ISSP). I also have robust technical proficiency in multiple security tools and technologies. I am frequently recognized by senior management for exemplary performance and have attained a Community Service Star Award for developing a successful Cyber Security Awareness Campaign for Teens in Puerto Rico (2012 ISLAS AWARDS ICS2).
Connect with me today to acquire a better understanding of my skills and find out how I’ll make your mission my mission, to successfully bring your objectives into focus.

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Fri, 29 mar 2019 9:55 a.m. - 11:25 a.m.
Las Nereidas Ballroom at La Concha Renaissance Resort