Richard Morin

Author and coach

Richard has rendered his vast experience into material that was written and created to help, YOU.

Richard's books and material come from the simple premise that ... everything in your life comes from "YOU Working With YOU". This is the main title of his works with tag lines that further motivate and draw the reader in, or scares them away. "If you can't or won't work with yourself, just who can you work with"?

The courses he has developed and continues to write touch on important elements that make a life what it can be, providing the reader becomes / participant does the work to make it so.

He has spoken to many groups motivating and inspiring them, and has been on television programs where the subject is life, challenges, business and how as an individual we have a LOT more power over our life, our results than we think. 

Applicable to life in general, and importantly for those in sales and business where the competition and issues can derail even the strongest.

His experience comes from working in many sectors of the economy throughout North America, having lived in the USA for 8 years where he was a sales manager for two Fortune 500 companies, 6 years in Western Canada working in multiple industries, owning and operating two companies for 18 years, and surviving cancer.