Super Sessions : What’s Next: The Landscape of Innovation in 2019 and Beyond

jun 3, 2019: 3 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Sponsor: ClearView Healthcare Partners

As companies face the need to discover or acquire future drivers of value, R&D is both challenging and costly, with over $165 B spent globally in 2017 alone. In this session, we will highlight emerging clusters of innovation attracting capital and the key therapeutic targets and novel mechanistic approaches with the potential to drive value creation in the future. We will also examine how market forces and overall value in therapeutic areas may drive investment decisions in R&D and M&A, both today and into the future.

Join us for a forward-looking discussion of what's next for R&D in the global pharmaceutical industry, highlighting noteworthy differences in disease areas of focus and therapeutic targets relevant for companies of all sizes. Presenters will share perspectives on geographic considerations including regions serving as hotbeds of innovative activity and seek to identify the drivers that will shape future areas of value within the pharmaceutical industry.


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