Super Sessions : Digital Health in Practice: A Conversation with Ameet Nathwani, Chief Digital Officer, Chief Medical Officer and Member of the Executive Committee, Sanofi

jun 4, 2019: 12:30 p.m. - 1:45 p.m.
Room 103ABC

Sponsored by: Sanofi-Genzyme

Advances in digital and information technology are changing the face of healthcare. How does the biotechnology industry evolve to create a connected digital strategy across the drug discovery continuum? How do we evolve the "drugs plus" concept and engage with healthcare system stakeholders to make sure solutions can be fully integrated? Join Dr. Ameet Nathwani, Chief Digital Officer and Chief Medical Officer at Sanofi as he discusses strategies around these issues and more to shed light on how today's strategies will enable technological advancements of the future.


Simone Fishburn
Vice President

Ameet Nathwani
Chief Digital Officer,...