Block One : If I Knew Then What I Know Now …Thoughts of a Teacher turned Education Lawyer

jul 25, 2019: 10:30 a.m. - middag

During my admittedly brief tenure in the classroom, I sometimes felt overwhelmed and confused by the obligations my administration imposed on me as a teacher. Why so many meetings yet seemingly so few trainings on issues I felt to be more pressing like classroom management and special education? Why so much paperwork?! I wasn't sure which questions I should be asking much less how to most effectively advocate for the needs of my students.

In this session, we will explore the questions I should have asked by building a framework designed to equip attendees with a growing repository of solutions and best practices for managing common issues teachers face. To do so, we must start by defining what a charter school is (and isn't) so attendees will also leave with a better understanding of how charter schools fit into Arizona's public education ecosystem.


Mackenzie Woods