Block Five : Retaining Special Education Teachers through Partnerships with Parents and Agencies

jul 26, 2019: 1:45 p.m. - 3:15 p.m.

Special Education Teacher Retention is one of the most challenging issues facing school districts and charters. While thousands of hours and dollars have been invested in solving this problem, there is not a single or clear solution. The craft of teaching and the relationships with their students, families, and fellow educators are usually is the reasons teachers stay in the profession. This workshop will provide resources and examples on how special education teachers can find resources and build relationships with families and agencies. This presentation will model how to build relationships with families and agencies, share stories that will connect the audience to the presentation, and actively involve participants.

Participants will:
Acquire new or enhanced information regarding special education teacher retention and building relationships with families and agencies.
Be able to articulate possible solutions for challenges on how to build relationships with families and agencies connected to special education.
Become aware of support resources available in addressing special education teacher and family challenges.


Jay Johnson
Education Specialist

Janna Murrell
Assistant Executive Di...