Educational Panel : Are Record Levels of IPOs Still Disrupting M&A Deals?

feb 12, 2019: 4 p.m. - 5 p.m.
Shubert Complex - 6th Floor

In 2018, biotechs delivered the second-best year for public issuances ever. The attractive IPO market has however resulted in fewer M&A deals than prior years, with high pre-money IPO valuations for later-stage companies making it less enticing for them to accept early-exit offers. This has led to an M&A shift to focus on early-stage companies. How are changing valuations and exit options affecting venture investors? How are prospective buyers changing their deal terms? The session will examine the recent deal and market trends while highlighting the path forward amid a market with greatly increased volatility and reimbursement policy uncertainty.


Moderator: Lydia Ramsey, Senior Reporter, Business Insider


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