Block 1 : PR 101: Telling Your Charter Story

jul 24, 2018: 10:30 a.m. - middag

Charter public schools across Tennessee are working every day to give students an innovative, personalized, high-quality education. It's time to bring your school's hard work to life through creative storytelling! Learn how to find, develop and pitch stories about your school to local media and develop valuable relationships with reporters. Share your successes with your community, your city and beyond.

Learning Outcomes:

In Tennessee, education media often focuses on the typical fights and propagated myths that have surrounded charter public schools since their inception and largely overlooks the great, creative work that charter schools are doing to make sure every student is in an environment that helps them learn best. In our proposed communications session, we'd like to discuss why it is important for Tennessee charter schools to be proactive with local media and bring their unique work and success stories to light.

By the end of our session, attendees will come away with:
• A set of strategies to find interesting, media-worthy stories at their school
• An understanding of which communications vehicles (media advisories, pitches, press releases) should be used depending on the type of story 
• Examples of what information should be included in these vehicles and how they should be formatted 
• Tips on how to find the right reporters for their stories and how to contact them
• Follow up steps for after a reporter has confirmed that they will cover their story


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Claire Shipton